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N°32  |  December   2008
At a glance
Towards agile IT security
Bull launches an approach to make security a key driver for business growth and development


Bull launches the seventh initiative in its 7i program, ‘Guarantee trust’, designed to help organizations grow and develop in complete security in an open world.
With annual losses in excess of $100 billion*, security is today a crucial challenge for all kinds of businesses. In order to fight against malicious attacks and other threats, security systems have been built up over the years from numerous heterogeneous solutions, and have ended up holding back development and business agility.

In order to help organizations move from a purely defensive and reactive culture to the point where they are implementing proactive and agile security policies, Bull is launching a range of services and solutions that combine security and agility: transforming security into a real driver for business growth and a powerful engine for change.

Living in a world where the individual is becoming the new frontier opens up limitless opportunities... provided you know how to effectively combine openness and security,” underlines Jean-Pierre Barbéris, General Manager Bull France and Bull Services and Solutions. “In this open world, you need to be able to interact with complete confidence and trust with your customers’ and business partners’ ecosystems. Our ambition is to bring together every aspect of integrated and business-focused IT security, to create the trust-based business ecosystems of the future.”

Ensuring that security actively promotes business growth and development

Even though security is now recognized as a key imperative, 40% of IT Departments still admit that their IT security is slightly out of step or even misaligned with their business objectives.
As a consultant, systems integrator, outsourcer and provider of security solutions, Bull is today further strengthening its consultancy teams to help organizations ensure that IT security is a real driver for business development and agility, enabling them to more effectively:

  • Align IT security and business processes, in line with industry best practice and standards (ISO 2700x, PCI-DSS...)
  • Build powerful, yet also flexible security systems, that actively support the organization’s business growth and development
  • Support such systems over time and ensure that they evolve, from the preparation of business continuity/disaster recovery plans to total outsourcing of secure information systems.

These services draw on Bull’s capacity to integrate the best available technologies to implement agile, business-focused security solutions, as well as on the solutions developed by the Group itself in three principal areas – with significant value-added investment:

  • business continuity through Bull’s Bio Data Center™ and StoreWay™ data protection offerings
  • transaction management and VPN data flows with MetaPKI, MetaSign, Crypt2Pay, used by 95% of all French banks for their transactions, and TrustWay EAL2+ certified encryption devices
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM), thanks to the software solutions provided by its subsidiary Evidian, Europe's leading IAM publisher. Evidian's offerings enable its customers to grow more quickly in an open world, by providing identity management solutions closely aligned with business processes, in a way that is transparent to users. Evidian's solutions make it possible to harmonize application security, both within the enterprise itself and for all the external parties it deals with – from business partners to customers – by introducing role-based administration of security policies and making it possible to: "Live in an open and mobile world, where there are limitless possibilities".

Wider access to secure mobile computing for large organizations and small businesses

By launching its high-security mobile computing solutions centered on globull – a revolutionary offering designed to combine security and mobility – Bull is widening access to defense-standard mobility technologies, and at the same time making them affordable.
According to research, 77%** of users now have to carry sensitive data with them on their laptops and unsecured USB keys: a major risk that can ultimately hold back mobility.
So Bull’s offerings allow users in organizations of every size to:

  • Access all their data and their entire working environment, wherever they are, in complete confidence. As a truly impenetrable, encrypted digital ‘strong-box’ weighing just 120 grams (in the process of achieving EAL3+ certification) globull allows any user to access their working environment on any host PC, laptop or ultra-portable computer. All they need to do is to authenticate themselves using the globull touchpad, to access their whole personal working environment with just one click. The world’s most secure solution, globull does away with all the existing vulnerabilities associated with secure PCs.
  • Deploy and administer environments, applications, data and user profiles on any globull device, as well as on PCs, Nettops, Netbooks... Along with its partners, globull offers a real answer to the need to manage multiple terminals and devices user by user.
  • Guarantee back-up and restoration of personal data. The mobile environment that globull protects can be constantly backed up and restored, remotely, in complete security.
  • Use electronic signatures in mobile computing situations, because globull securely stores all industry-standard authentication and electronic signature certificates. In addition, a partnership with Chambersign and the French network of Chambers of Commerce and Industry enables users not only to use sector-specific solutions in auditing and healthcare.
  • Use globull as a Single Sign-On (SSO) platform, thanks to Bull Evidian’s SSO solution (available for Windows® and Linux® environments). As a result, globull helps to enhance both security and productivity, making the management of login access and authentication for all applications completely transparent and easier for the user.

Bull’s security offerings draw on experience built up on projects for major European telecoms operators, key players in the banking sector (SWIFT, Caisse des Dépôts…), public sector bodies and leading manufacturers (EADS, Renault Nissan, Sanofi, Total…) and Defense sector players.

More information on Bull’s 7th initiative and security offerings >>

* Source: Mi2G
** Source: Bull research

Evidian positioned in Leaders Quadrant for Enterprise Single Sign-On

Evidian today announced it has been positioned by Gartner Inc. in the leaders quadrant in the 2008 edition of the “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Single Sign-On”. As the European leader and one of the main vendors worldwide of identity and access management software, Evidian has been providing enterprise single sign-on (ESSO) software for over 10 years to hundreds of medium and large organizations.

Increasingly, organizations use enterprise single sign-on as a strategic piece of their identity and access management system. For them, choosing a high-quality ESSO offer is all the more critical” said Hassan Maad, Managing Director of Evidian. “As a result, our customers require that we provide them with advanced enterprise solutions. I view our positioning in the leaders quadrant by Gartner as a direct consequence of our proven ability to deliver robust and secure ESSO in large-scale corporate environments.

Released on September 18 2008, Gartner’s report analyses the ESSO market and evaluates 12 solutions. Quadrant positions are based on each vendor’s ability to execute and completeness of vision.

According to Gartner, “Leaders in the ESSO market show a consistent capability to gain new customers in broad industries and geographies; and, at the higher end of the quadrant, they have very good to excellent customer references, products that easily integrate with target systems; and leaders demonstrate a commitment to rapidly provide the product updates that their customers want.

Drawing on years of real-world experience and innovation, Evidian Enterprise SSO is a best-of breed software solution that offers unique mobility and data privacy features. Evidian’s solution goes beyond traditional SSO tools by integrating with corporate business policies. It provides role-based management functions that accelerate time to value and ensure user security and productivity.
Evidian Enterprise SSO can be deployed either as a standalone function, or jointly with other features of Evidian IAM Suite – such as policy management, provisioning and strong access control. It can also be used together with any identity management solution on the market. As a result, organizations can leverage SSO to get the most value out of their existing identity management investment.

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