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N°32  |  December   2008
Business cases

• CCPB RP (France)
• Dassault Aviation (France)
• SGC UE (European Union)

• Deutsche Bahn (Germany)
• Mulzer Crushed Stone (United States)

CCPB RP chooses Bull to lead the project to update its information systems

Bull to provide consultancy and program management support services over a three-year period to the CCPB RP’s corporate CAP 2011 project

The CCPB RP (Caisse des Congés Payés du Bâtiment de la Région Parisienne or the Paris regional paid leave insurance for the building industry) has chosen Bull as its partner, to provide on-going support throughout its information systems update program, based around SAP. This strategic project should enable the CCPB RP to achieve three key objectives between now and 2011: to improve the quality of the services it provides to its customers, to optimize management expenditure and to make the most of its own internal resources by enriching the tasks that people carry out.

The program management support assignment awarded to Bull covers the full spectrum of business, functional, technical and human issues involved in the project; from the definition of the initial challenges to the transformation project, including:

  • Recommending and identifying evolutionary requirements 
  • Researching and qualifying the solution  
  • Defining jobs and job profiles
  • Change management support
  • Advice on the information systems architecture and security policy
  • Help with managing work programs.

In particular, the CCPB RP will be calling on Bull’s expertise in consulting and project management methodologies, as well as on its in-depth knowledge of SAP, technical and application architectures, IT security and change management support.

We have paid particular attention to ensuring that we have faultless support for a change of this scale,” underlined Pierre Yves Tanguy, Managing Director of the CCPB RP. “Because CAP 2011 is a corporate-level project which should help us to achieve our strategic objectives, we have decided to bring on board the necessary skills to guarantee its success. The consultancy services being led by Bull will enable us to respond to this requirement.”
Eventually, over 26,000 subscriber companies and 165,000 people employed in the building industry will benefit from the changes brought about by CAP 2011, especially as the result of the implementation of a new customer relationship management (CRM) system providing a ‘360° customer profile’, and a real-time Internet portal which allows for continuous interaction with the information system.

An innovative project involving a highly participative approach

The new information system will be based around a complete suite of SAP software including ECC, HCM, CRM, BW and a new module for the French market, TRM (Tax and Revenue Management). The integrated enterprise resource management (ERP) package will also be acting as a single, common repository for all the organization’s business functions.
In order to master the new ways of working that will lead on from the new system, the CCBP RP is taking a participative approach at every level in the organization. Bull has contributed to this by helping to put in place a methodological framework including needs analysis workshops which have involved around half the staff working for the organization. Bull has also defined a comprehensive change management program, including a communication plan and updating of skills and new job roles.

The project is due to be fully operational in October 2010.

About CCBP

The Caisse de Congés Payés du Bâtiment de la Région de Paris (CCPB RP) was established in 1937 to enable the Law of 1936 to be enacted, instituting paid leave for employees in the building and public works sector (where staff is highly mobile). The fundamental role of the organization – as set out by the legislature – is to guarantee workers in the industry appropriate annual leave based on the time they spend working in the building sector during a given year.
The main role of the CCPB RP is to ensure that rights and paid leave for workers in building industry companies are correctly calculated. In addition, the organization is responsible for implementing the ‘weather-dependent unemployment’ scheme in the building sector.


Change management: focus on Bull Training’s communications strategy for CAP 2011

The communications campaign being implemented by the social insurance body for the building industry in the Paris region aims to deliver information about its progress to reassure people and remove any possible concerns surrounding the project. A corporate identity was given to the project so it would be easily recognized and noticed on any document linked to the project. A logo created around the project name ensures that people know about, and talk about, the CAP 2011 project.  

Regular information is provided via a project newsletter known as ‘ENSEMBLE’ (‘together’ in French). Published every quarter, it informs everyone who works at CCPB RP about any events relating to CAP 2011.

The communications strategy also draws on local communication networks to relay its message via middle managers to increase interactivity and dispel any rumors, encouraging clear, direct communication. The role of the middle-management layer is to encourage dialogue, and oversee the exchanges taking place from its position at the crossroads where top-down and bottom-up information meets. They are also effectively acting as ambassadors for the CAP 2011 project.  

Each of these CAP 2011 Ambassadors organizes regular information/mobilization workshops within their individual business unit. To help with this, they are being issued with a communication kit that includes ready-to-use presentation tools, which they have been trained to use at a special workshop.  

The main challenge is to encourage all staff to believe in the project – a vital pre-requisite to the overall success of CAP 2011 – knowing people will only accept change if they are convinced that its implementation is essential, and of the potential benefits to be gained. 


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