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N°32  |  December   2008

Investing in security

D Lamouche

With the current financial crisis and recession now taking shape, everyone is asking themselves what strategy they should adopt when it comes to investments. Our advice is simple: whatever you do, do not jeopardize your investments in security. The dangers and the risks have never been greater, and the consequences of a security failure will still be an order of magnitude higher than the costs of putting in place corresponding protective measures.

The explosion of networks unified around the Internet and the proliferation of Web access points pose a real challenge. The data being exchanged via these networks is often personal and confidential, it can involve strategic intellectual property: so it must be made secure. I cannot stress this enough: this is really one of the most crucial challenges for businesses and the public sector alike. We can all call to recent security failures reported in the press – some of them on an enormous scale – involving not only very large companies but also public sector bodies in highly developed economies. No-one is immune from . So don’t cut back on investments in security!

Bull has always invested heavily in security, and always been very innovative. Just to give you a few examples:

  • Our subsidiary Evidian, European leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM), secures access to data and applications and frees up businesses from the extreme complexity of information systems. Banks, governments, telecoms operators, healthcare organizations and major manufacturers all put their trust in us to provide secure access to their information systems and protect the confidential work being carried out by their R&D teams or their confidential data on customers, patients or citizens
  • Thanks to our encryption technologies, Bull can securely interconnect multi-disciplinary teams across the whole world, turning the collaborative enterprise into a reality. The most eloquent example of this is Dassault Aviation’s virtual platform, secured by Bull, which was used to develop its new Falcon 7X executive jet, and resulted in both cost savings and a shorter development time-cycle
  • Bull’s latest innovation – which is extraordinarily appropriate for our open world – is globull, which effectively combines mobility and security. With today’s unlimited Internet access, mobility is driving competitiveness, but it is also engendering growing risks, that are increasingly diverse and intense. That is why Bull invented globull: a hard disk, secured by a microprocessor, totally inviolable, tested by the French Defense... Using globull, the user can connect to any PC, anywhere in the world, and instantly access their whole working environment and all their data... and the device fits in their pocket! Already, diplomatic personnel at the European Commission are using globull, and the French government has also selected the devices.

I would also like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the fact that HPCwire – the most highly respected journal in the world of High Performance Computing (HPC) – has included Bull in its list of five top companies to watch in 2009. Bull ranks alongside some of the heavyweights in the industry, including Intel and Microsoft, and is also the only non-American enterprise to be named: a great testament to the inventive talent and the spirit of innovation shown by the men and women of Bull.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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