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N°33  |  January   2009
Business cases

OPT (New Caledonia)

• NHIF(Bulgaria)

New Caledonian Post and Telecommunications Office chooses Bull to help launch innovative telecoms services

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Bull to enhance mediation platform at the heart of OPT-NC’s telecoms business

To support the New Caledonian Post and Telecommunications Office (OPT-NC) in its launch of innovative messaging and ‘Multi-Play’ services, Bull is to work in close collaboration with OPT-NC, helping the company upgrade its Comptel mediation platform. This has already been in operation since 2004, and is used for collecting billing data and activation of fixed-line telephony and (since 2006) mobile phone services. Bull is to integrate a mediation system, enabling OPT-NC to offer pre-paid fixed telephony services, fixed-line voice messaging, and ‘Multi-Play’ services such as broadband Internet, IP telephony and on-line access to audiovisual content.

We decided to install a convergent mediation system to manage our various offerings. Our objective is to ensure we have sufficient flexibility to be able to enrich these services as the market evolves, while at the same time improving the efficiency and service quality we offer our customers,” commented Jean-Yves Ollivaud, Chief Executive Officer of OPT-NC. “Thanks to its expertise, working with Bull will enable us to develop our system to support more complex and innovative service offerings, such as messaging and ‘Multi-Play’.”

In implementing OPT-NC’s chosen solution, Bull will be drawing on its skills as a mediation systems integrator, and an integrator of global information systems, as well as on its expertise in Comptel solutions. The solution is flexible enough to evolve and support new services, and will enable cost optimization by re-using the existing environment and ensuring optimum time-to-market. To achieve this, Bull has added to the existing Comptel solutions – Comptel EvenLink® mediation and Comptel InstanLink® provisioning – using the Comptel Rater Solution rating engine. The solution, which combines agility and robustness, is particularly competitive due to its integration with the existing call collect system, hardware sharing, consistent procedures, and the simplification of processing operations

By optimizing both infrastructure and system performance, this change has delivered some real competitive and operational advantages,” added Jean-François Leprince-Ringuet, General Manager, Bull Telecommunications and Media. “As well as enhancing activation and call collect data flows, it offers OPT-NC many possibilities to grow and enrich its catalogue of telecoms services.”

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