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N°33  |  January   2009

Acting differently
Everyone is expecting 2009 to be a difficult year. But faced with this unprecedented crisis, in many ways the worst reaction would be to do nothing. It should certainly prompt us to reconsider practices – particularly financial ones – which have had, and are still having, pernicious repercussions on the real economy. Too much importance has been given to value created ‘virtually’, by a series of accounting entries, compared with value created by delivering tangible products and services. Financial engineering has gone too far, diverting from the real economy the financial flux vital to its development. Priority must be given now to business entrepreneurs and engineers, and we need to focus on innovation, an essential engine for growth which requires more of a long-term approach to investment.


An IS ‘urbanization’ model to ensure all SI experts talk to each other. D.Buczinski &
G. Forestier, Bull Services


IAM Gartner Summit, London, March 23-24 >

WCO, Marrakech, April 22-24 >

Smart Healthcare Expo London, June 9-10 >

ISC'09, Hamburg, June 23-26 >

JP Barbéris Even during the economic crisis, IT carries on
Despite the difficult economic situation, which is affecting businesses and public sector bodies to various degrees, they will continue to invest in their information systems. In some cases their priorities will change, in others they will stay the same; but Bull will provide the consistent and holistic response to all of them that you would expect from a reliable partner.
Interview with Jean-Pierre Barbéris, General Manager, Bull France >>

  Business cases

New Caledonian Post and Telecommunications Office chooses Bull to help launch innovative telecoms services.

An integrated system to support healthcare reform in Bulgaria.

At a glance

Corporate communications strategy: Bull on the podium with its 7i campaign.

Green IT: Bull and Cassatt announce partnership to improve the efficiency of large data centers in Europe.

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