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N°34  |  February   2009

Innovation and the environment: two ways to plot a course through the current crisis 

D Lamouche

With the global crisis now taking center stage, we all need to mobilize our resources if we are to come out at the other side even stronger, without sacrificing the future. In particular, it would be extremely damaging not to carry on investing in innovation. Similarly, even in the midst of the current turmoil it would be unforgiveable to ignore environmental issues. 

In this very unusual situation, Bull has some highly relevant strengths that enable us to deliver the solutions that you need. Firstly, we have fundamentally transformed the Group over the last four years: we have acquired a number of young companies to further strengthen our engines for growth, and we have sold off businesses that delivered too little added value. As a result, 45% of our workforce has been with us less than 4 years; 1,551 members of staff joined us in 2008. Moreover, we are operating essentially in markets that are less sensitive to current economic uncertainties: nearly 60% of our revenues come from the public sector, telecommunications and energy – sectors which are all still investing – and we have a significant presence in many of the emerging economies which are working to modernize themselves.  

Having refocused our business on high added-value activities, we have clarified our strategy and made some advances. Here are just a few examples in two strategically important areas:

  • Innovation: Spearhead for Bull, digital simulation – Bull’s flagship offering – is a key tool for accelerating innovation and the virtual design of environmentally-friendly, high-performance products and services. The energy sector, for example, has recognized just how valuable these kinds of solutions can be. The largest research center in Germany, the Jülich Research Center has just ordered a second supercomputer from Bull for its research into nuclear fusion – a highly promising form of energy that will enable us to meet the long-term challenges linked to sustainable development and the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels. This is the first time that the EU’s Fusion community has invested in computer simulation resources. This is a moment of great pride for Bull, and a major leap forward in the development of a fully-fledged European ecosystem in this field. What’s more, coupled with the supercomputer ordered in 2008 to support the JuRoPA project, this new machine will form a computing platform delivering more than 300 Teraflops of power, making it one of the most powerful in Europe. Another example, featured in this edition of Bull Direct, is the oil industry which saves tens of millions of dollars through its use of seismic imagery, both in exploration and production. 
  • The environment. Bull has been hard at work for more than 18 months to reduce the carbon footprint of its solutions, with spectacular results! In addition, we have formed alliances with some of the largest players in the industry, to help you transform your computing facilities into veritable Bio Data Centers. Our teams are ready to mobilize their skills across the entire life cycle of ‘intelligent energy management’, through energy audits carried out in partnership with Schneider Electric, automated energy management of infrastructures with Cassatt, and our work with SAP Research on enterprise applications.

I would like to thank you all for the continued confidence you have shown in Bull and its teams.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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