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N°35  |  March   2009
Bull launches myVMBox: a bespoke virtualization solution for VMware environments
myVMBox forms part of Bull’s Bio Data Center approach, designed to deliver environmentally-friendly IT combined with lower electricity consumption, simpler infrastructures and high levels of service quality

Bull launched myVMBox, a bespokevirtualization solution designed for public and private sector organizations who want to rationalize their IT infrastructures and applications cost-effectively, using VMware®. Thanks to myVMBox, businesses now have access to a comprehensive and flexible virtualization solution that is easy to implement.

Bull has designed myVMBox to free organizations from numerous constraints – in the form of direct and indirect costs – relating to choosing and testing system components, sizing servers, and integrating new items of hardware and software to meet specific needs and types of use. myVMBox draws on Bull’s key strengths in servers, storage, networks and value-added services.

Bull, worldwide VMware eVAC: Enterprise VMWare Authorized Consultant
myVMBox benefits both from Bull’s experience in implementing virtualization projects for its customers, and its extensive expertise in VMware solutions. In 2008, Bull became a worldwide Enterprise VMware Authorized Consultant (eVAC), recognizing its ability to provide the highest levels of technical expertise for the whole range of VMware solutions, as well as its dedicated server virtualization and consolidation services.

Reducing the time taken to deploy virtualized infrastructures by a factor of ten
To make it easier to implement virtualized solutions, myVMBox configurations are completely pre-integrated before leaving the factory, which helps to reduce the time taken to deploy these kinds of infrastructures – as well as the costs involved – by a factor of ten. Industrial integration of these configurations enhances overall infrastructure reliability and makes support and maintenance operations easier to carry out.

Before the appropriate solution is chosen, Bull’s virtualization Center of expertise applies its expertise in terms of system scoping, Proof of Concept (POC), best practice and optimization, so the configurations are ready to implement at the operational site.

Installation, parameter setting and optimization of the solution are all customized for each customer and carried out by engineers from Bull Services who have unique experience in complex infrastructures.

Key features and availability of myVMBox
myVMBox is a bespoke solution, built to order depending on each customer’s requirements using Bull NovaScale servers, Bull StoreWay storage, VMware Infrastructure, and a systems administration platform supporting VMware vCenter and Bull System Manager. The entire solution can be configured according to the profile of the applications to be virtualized and the amount of data involved, and can also form an integral part of a Disaster Recovery Plan. 

Available immediately

Bull & Schneider Electric: energy audits for IT infrastructures 

At a time when public and private sector organizations alike are resolving to ensure that their business strategies include environmental parameters, the information technology sector, cannot for its part, avoid this fundamental issue. As a high consumer of electricity, it must be doubly ingenious in its efforts to tap into new potential sources of energy savings.  
Beyond the advances we are now seeing in hardware design, the concept of ‘intelligent energy management’ must also come high on the list of operational priorities.  
By implementing good practices – while continually making sure that we use carefully the energy resources we have, and staying in line with standards that are gradually emerging thanks to concerted pressure from industry, public sector bodies and enterprises – we should be able to consolidate the gains brought by the latest generations of solutions.   
The first step in this whole initiative is the energy audit, which allows us to measure the energy efficiency of the Data Center, and to develop a global strategy to reduce energy consumption while maintaining high quality service.  

Bull and Schneider Electric are pooling their know-how in Europe to together offer a comprehensive energy auditing service for Data Centers. The aim is to put forward optimization scenarios, based on a full status report, which would be shared with everyone involved, and then to define environmentally-friendly and sustainable good practices for IT.

There are four main steps in this approach:

  • Weighing up possibilities for making economies of scale, having first established the scope of the project
  • Assessing current levels of energy efficiency, and confirming energy saving opportunities
  • Making recommendations in line with the energy efficiency report
  • Supporting the customer in implementing a strategy for energy optimization and attainment of performance targets. 

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