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Open Source and social networking ,
excellence through collaboration


Organizations today are increasingly global and decentralized, as they open themselves up to an ecosystem of partners, suppliers and customers. One of the key success factors is an organization’s ability to structure, orchestrate and make the most of the communities to which it belongs: whether at the level of business relationships (through social networks), content (Enterprise 2.0) or technologies (Open Source).

Through process of exchanging information, collaboration and natural selection applied to contributions, these communities encourage the emergence of ‘collective intelligence’, which in turn stimulates innovation, speeds up project development and improves quality.

40% of the cost of proprietary software
Open Source is both the precursor and the best example of this kind of approach. Gartner estimates that 90% of software publishers are now incorporating Open Source components into their packages. Open Source software is robust, practical, scalable and cost effective, and it can be found everywhere: from the most basic devices (such as Netbooks) to the most sophisticated systems (supercomputers). But when it comes to using open software, IT Departments have always been concerned about the lack of a single, responsible point of contact. As a pioneer in Open Source, Bull has responded to this need with Open Energy, an innovative offering which effectively brings together all its expertise in Open Source (consulting, migration, development, integration, support...). In addition, Bull is today launching its Open Source Essentials, 15 ready-to-run solutions designed to reduce software costs and enhance business competitiveness in this time of crisis. With Open Energy and Open Source Essentials, organizations get exactly the same level of commitment they would expect from a proprietary solution, for just 60% of the cost!

And thanks to Virtual Shore™, which adapts the methods used in creating Open Source software to enterprise development projects, Bull is also helping its customers adopt a collaborative approach to development, and so enter the age of collective intelligence. Using Bull’s NovaForge™, collaborative software development platform, Project Managers can gather together the most appropriate team for the job and manage each person’s contributions. This way of operating ensures that the best skills are used, and also provides guarantees and greater transparency in terms of quality, costs and timescales.


Bull’s commitment to working with you. As part of the NEXT >> program from Bull, find out more about the roadmap to enhance your business developments and reduce your costs through collaboration. Find out more about Open Source Essentials, Open Energy and Virtual Shore, and request an interview with a Bull consultant to understand how you can get rapid ROI by using Open Source.