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A springboard to escape the economic crisis


D. Lamouche Everything points to the fact that the current economic crisis is not just a cyclical phenomenon, but a structural one. Globalization, the digital revolution, and environmental challenges will be the main driving forces in the world that emerges from this crisis. And information technologies will be at the very heart of this radical change.

Tomorrow’s leaders will be those who are the first to get the measure of these challenges, and tackle them most vigorously. In a world of increasingly scarce financial resources and raw materials, they will understand how to exploit and make the most of their information assets and human capital. In a world of well-informed and selective consumers, they will understand how to innovate and adapt themselves. In a world that cares about ethics and the environment, they will be the ones inventing the new rules of the game: the driving force behind their successful transformation.

But in order to succeed in this new world– which will need to reconcile openness and control, growth and environmental protection, power and flexibility – enterprises must start preparing themselves now. Information technologies will be at the heart of coming transformations; and they can be a driver to help us prepare for those changes right now. As a pioneer in computer simulation, green computing and Open Source, Bull can deliver radically different solutions that will help organizations move forward into the new era and come out of the current crisis with renewed vigor.

The aim of this special edition of Bull Direct is to tell you about these innovative, ready-to-run solutions. Because they deliver rapid ROI, they are designed to equip you with ways of consolidating what you already have and investing in the future: an excellent springboard to escape the current crisis.

On behalf of the whole team here at Bull, I’d like to thank you for your continued trust in us.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer