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Outsourcing combines effective control with flexibility


Today, and even more so in the future, the enterprises that excel in the international competitive landscape will be those that really understand how to outclass everyone else in their core business, and to surround themselves with the best partners for everything else. Hosting, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud computing… in the IT arena, this move towards working with specialist external partners is already widespread.

Accelerating technology developments, the difficulty of maintaining the right skills and the need for certainty when it comes to costs, security and availability are leading more and more businesses to explore the outsourcing option. This effectively offers vital contractual guarantees relating to costs and service levels, as well as the reassurance that access to state-of-the-art resources, technologies and practices is always available.

The information system must actively support the business
Nevertheless, along with their welcome ability to control operation, outsourcers also have to offer a great deal of flexibility. More than ever, information systems must be capable of supporting business activities as they evolve – as new services are launched, as the scope of the business changes… – and adapting to reductions in workload as well as increases. As a specialist in outsourcing for mission-critical systems, Bull was one of the first IT players to offer just such a flexible approach, which can range from simple support services to computing power on demand, from third-party application maintenance to complete outsourcing of the whole information system. As part of its flexible outsourcing offering, Bull offers an innovative approach, tailored to customer needs, with bespoke solutions provided as the result of a thorough opportunity analysis.

Investing in the future
In order to ensure a high level of quality in the delivery of these services, Bull is committed to maintaining the excellence of its resources and Data Centers. This involves sharing, structuring and automating its facilities, constantly updating its security measures, implementing the most stringent industry standards and governance, construction work, intelligent energy management, continuous training and updating of skills… As well as providing the expected levels of service quality, the aim of these investments is to ensure that Bull is capable of proving its responsiveness in the face of evolving needs, of offering a wide range of options because its services are highly granular, and of rapidly integrating new applications and new environments… In a world that is constantly being turned upside-down, flexible outsourcing is a reliable way to maintain control of your systems while at the same time giving yourself the necessary agility.


Bull’s commitment to working with you. As part of the NEXT >> program from Bull, find out more about a pragmatic roadmap to help you control and regulate your costs, by converting capital expenditure into operating costs. Request an interview with a Bull consultant, to find out what flexible outsourcing could bring to your organization, with rapid business benefits.