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What if the current crisis was not an accident, but a symptom of something deeper? A sign that the world is going through a transformation? Globalization, digitalization, environmental concerns: a whole new world is emerging.

With its 7i program, Bull put forward a series of robust initiatives to respond to these challenges. Now, with NEXT >>, Bull is committed to working with you, and to offering you a pragmatic roadmap and actions to help you ensure that your information systems actively help you get through the crisis and prepare for the future.



Unified information management gives you 360° control of your business. These days mobile phone operators are competing with media, retailers with banks, telecoms operators with transport companies... Competition is crowding in on all sides, consumers are increasingly fickle and the current economic crisis is destabilizing the established order. But against this backdrop of constant and profound turmoil, critical business decisions still have to be made, at every level, day to day >




Computer simulation opens up new horizons
With IT now everywhere in our lives, the revolution in nano- and bio technologies, and the growing ecological challenges we face, our environment is going to undergo significant change. A simple defensive policy of cost cutting will not be enough to thrive in this new world order: innovation will be the key to success >




Open Source and social networking, excellence through collaboration
Organizations today are increasingly global and decentralized, as they open themselves up to an ecosystem of partners, suppliers and customers. One of the key success factors is an organization’s ability to structure, orchestrate and make the most of the communities to which it belongs >




Green computing saves money and the planet
Historically, information systems have always grown as a series of successive layers, built up as your business needs changed and technology advanced: to the point where they already account for a carbon footprint equivalent that of the civil aviation industry. But tomorrow’s environmental and cost imperatives will change all that >




Outsourcing combines effective control with flexibility
Today, and even more so in the future, the enterprises that excel in the international competitive landscape will be those that really understand how to outclass everyone else in their core business, and to surround themselves with the best partners for everything else >


A springboard to escape the crisis

Everything points to the fact that the current economic crisis is not just a cyclical phenomenon, but a structural one. Globalization, the digital revolution, and environmental challenges will be the main driving forces in the world that emerges from this crisis. And information technologies will be at the very heart of this radical change.

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“To overcome the current crisis,
innovation comes first”

Didier Lamouche, Chairman and CEO of Bull, Duncan Stewart, Director of Research at Deloitte, and Deloitte Partner Albert Aidan discuss the current global financial crisis, its causes, effects and ways to overcome it.

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Even during the economic crisis, IT carries on

Jean-Pierre Barbéris, General Manager, Bull France

Despite the difficult economic situation, which is affecting businesses and public sector bodies to various degrees, they will continue to invest in their information systems. In some cases their priorities will change, in others they will stay the same; but Bull will provide the consistent and holistic response to all of them that you would expect from a reliable partner.

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