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Unified information management gives you 360° control of your business


These days mobile phone operators are competing with media, retailers with banks, telecoms operators with transport companies... Competition is crowding in on all sides, consumers are increasingly fickle and the current economic crisis is destabilizing the established order. But against this backdrop of constant and profound turmoil, critical business decisions still have to be made, at every level, day to day.

To achieve the necessary visibility of your business, it is essential to have effective real-time economic and business intelligence systems at your disposal. The majority of companies have already started out on this path, and many have sophisticated early-warning and management systems in place.

A holistic approach to Business Intelligence
Nevertheless, it’s clear that these systems are often confined to a single part of the business, such as an individual product line or country. This fragmentation – often compounded by lack of compatibility between the technical tools used – is a real handicap for businesses, because it means they do not have access to a unified view of their activities or their markets. With the continued, massive growth in the amount of data to be managed, it is becoming more and more difficult to cross-reference information, spot emerging trends or detect the weakest signals which could already be crucial when it comes to financial management, marketing segmentation or sales development. To meet the challenges of a changing world – where information is both precious and over-abundant – it is vital to move beyond this compartmentalized approach. By harmonizing and optimizing decision-support and information life-cycle management systems, a unified strategy should enable you to manage your business in a much more responsive way, by providing a 360° analysis of your environment.

A practical approach
Bull has developed its unified information management solution to respond to just these challenges: a 360° approach that provides a dual view of the business intelligence information system (both functional and technical) and effectively reconciles business requirements and IT demands when it comes to managing data. Starting with the IT infrastructure itself, Bull offers information management optimization audits, working in partnership with GlassHouse, focused particularly on the data life-cycle. The aim is to enhance effectiveness, improve performance and reduce costs. As a pioneer in this market, Bull has also design a dedicated business intelligence analysis methodology: the 360° scoping study. This draws on Bull’s business consulting experience, as well as its expertise in large-scale Business Intelligence projects. Delivering rapid and sometimes surprising results, these consulting offerings offer a pragmatic road-map for the eventual implementation of 360° information management.


Bull’s commitment to working with you. The NEXT program from Bull provides a roadmap to help you achieve 360° control over your business, with unified information management. Request an interview with a Bull consultant to find out how a data storage and Business Intelligence audit can help your organization achieve rapid ROI.