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French Ministry of Education to boost high availability for its Web applications


Bull wins €1.1 billion systems integration contract


To enable Education Academy Agencies (known as rectorats1) throughout France to optimise IT resources and improve the services delivered to various internal and external users, the French Ministry of Education decided to migrate its application load sharing infrastructure to Brocade solutions. 

This initiative – part of an overall strategy to bring the architecture into line with current standards – aims to optimise workload distribution and reinforce high availability for its national Web applications, which have to be able to deal with the massive seasonal peaks in Internet connections, particularly when Baccalaureat examination results are published and students are applying for higher education courses.

With its expertise in networks and security technologies, Bull has supported the Ministry throughout this period of technological change, carrying out the whole integration as well as the training of skills for each rectorat in France and its overseas departments and territories (the DOM/TOM). In addition, Bull is providing maintenance for all the hardware involved, under a four-year service contract. 

The new infrastructure is built around the Brocade (formerly Foundry Networks) ServerIron 4G SSL range of solutions, and guarantees balanced workload distribution in step with user demand and the capacity of servers involved. Implementation is now almost complete, with more than sixty workload distributors now already in place.

1 The rectorat is an Academy-level administrative agency implementing the education policy, as defined by the French Education Ministry at national level.