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Bull Training throws light on Google’s Cloud Computing solutions
Tuesday 9 June 2009 – Bull Training, Paris


Today, enterprise information systems feature tools that depend largely on internal IT infrastructures.
But tomorrow...
Are we headed in the direction of externalized application infrastructures delivered through the Web? Isn’t everyone now talking about Cloud Computing and SaaS (Software As a Service)?  Against this backdrop, who will be developing the applications of tomorrow, and how?

The half-day session offered by Bull Training will give you an opportunity to really understand Cloud Computing and SaaS, and how they translate into today’s IT environment.  One key player in this move is starting to emerge: Google. As well as Google’s philosophy in this area, we will be presenting some of the tools you will need to build these new applications, including the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), and Didier Girard from SFEIR will share with you his experience of these tools.  

Contributors to this event, aimed at decision-makers, include:

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