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A modernized storage infrastructure to support Zain Gabon’s growth


Zain Gabon wanted a robust and effective storage infrastructure to service its rapidly expanding business. The solution designed and deployed by Bull and EMC has met their expectations. And even gone one step further...

Noël Litanga, Director of Information Systems and Billing for Zain Gabon
“By giving us powerful and secure access to data in a heterogeneous environment, the storage infrastructure implemented by Bull and EMC gives us new possibilities when it comes to developing, optimizing and exploiting information.”

With its dynamic expansion strategy, Zain is today the leading mobile phone operator in the Middle East and Africa, with a unique network covering twenty-two countries. Among these, Gabon constitutes a significant market with nearly 830,000 subscribers (62% market share). To support the growth of its business and continue to offer innovative services to its customers, Zain Gabon must rely on a high-performance information system. This is why the operator has decided to overhaul its storage infrastructure with Bull and EMC, which is today truly effective, reliable and scalable.   

A global solution
As part of a program to rationalize its infrastructures, Zain Gabon wanted a global storage solution that would guarantee the protection, consolidation, back-up and archiving of data produce by its main business applications (value-added services, billing…). “We chose the solution offered by Bull and EMC for its robustness, its performance and its flexibility,” explains Noël Litanga, Director of Information Systems and Billing for Zain Gabon.  

Performance and security
The chosen infrastructure is built around EMC hardware and software solutions. At its heart, a Clarion storage bay, linked in a Storage Area Network (SAN), offers powerful access to data in a heterogeneous environment. Security was another major challenge for the project. Ultra-secure access management, regular and relevant back-up, and data replication all guarantee maximum availability of information without any risk of it being lost or altered. 

Bull and EMC, working hand in hand
With its local presence and expertise as a systems integrator, Bull took responsibility for the entire project – from design to deployment of the solution – with the support of experts from EMC whenever it was needed. “For us, having a single point of contact, someone close at hand and capable of mobilizing all the players involved has been a key success factor. Zain, Bull and EMC have worked hand in hand,” says Noël Litanga, approvingly.

Tangible and immediate benefits 
Deployed in under six months, the new infrastructure has immediately resulted in tangible benefits. For the IT teams, there is less maintenance to do, and therefore they have more time to devote to projects. For users, it is the response times that are considerably improved. But Noël Litanga does not intend to stop there: “This project has given us the chance to find out the full extent of EMC’s rich range of solutions: it is opening up major new horizons for us in terms of advanced management of information,” he concludes.

Zain Group key figures

1983: MTC created in Kuwait 
2007: MTC becomes Zain, the leading mobile phone operator in Africa and the Middle East  
22 countries linked via its single network 
63.5 million individuals and business subscribers 
$7.4 billion revenues
$1.2 billion net profit
16,000 staff

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