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Bull confirms the strength of its business model in the first quarter of 2009


Growth in order intake (23.9%) and revenue (6.5%)
Confirmation of the EBIT objective for 2009

As a good start for 2009, Bull’s consolidated revenue showed an increase of 6.5% in 1Q09 and order intake recorded a 23.9% growth.

Didier Lamouche, Bull’s Chairman and CEO commented: "The growth in our revenue and the dynamism shown by Bull during the first quarter of 2009 once again confirms that the Group has chosen to pursue the right strategy. This performance is essentially due to the success of our new strategic offerings, our growth engines, and our sector positioning, which is helping us resist. We continue to focus on growing these offerings and on executing our action plans to accelerate the Group’s transformation and so come through the current economic crisis even stronger.

1Q09 key figures

Hardware & Systems Solutions
The growth of Bull’s High-Performance Computing (HPC) offering, the dynamism of the open servers solutions and to a lesser extent the new secure storage solutions integration offerings explain the extremely good performance of this business segment, both in terms of order intake (up by 33%) and revenue (up by 28.7%).
Services and Solutions
The performance of the Services & Solutions activities in the first quarter once again confirmed our ability to grow at a faster rate than the market as a whole, particularly in France and in the telecoms sector. Order intake grew strongly (by 24.7%) and revenue increased by 4.2%.
Revenue from maintenance activities decreased by 7.5%, as a result of a number of support contracts coming to an end as anticipated. Target revenue from the Maintenance business for the 2009 financial year remains in line with forecasts, i.e. slightly lower than in 2008.
Fulfillment & Third-Party Products
The fall in revenue from Fulfillment & Third-Party Products (of 10.4%) continues to reflect our deliberate refocusing on selling Bull’s own, higher added-value offerings. Bull will continue to be highly selective when it comes to deciding which orders to take in this area of its business.

Finally, Bull confirmed its target EBIT for the year of over €20 million, despite the current economic environment.

Solutions to escape the crisis and prepare the future

Digital technologies have a central role to play in helping businesses emerge even stronger from the current economic crisis. These technologies support the two key types of actions being taken by organizations: defensive actions designed to deliver immediate cost reductions, and proactive measures focused on innovation, the essential driver to escape from the crisis.

To enable its customers to cut costs, Bull offers a range of flexible outsourcing and Green Computing solutions, targeting energy efficiency and Data Center optimization. To encourage and support innovation, Bull has three relevant offerings: High-Performance Computing (HPC), value-added services and Open Source.

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