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SmartOSS, a series of OSS solutions for Telcos, based on Open Source software


Based on its strong experience in the Telco sector, Bull delivers a complete range of solutions enabling operators and Internet service providers to make the most of their information systems and develop their business. Bull solutions feature an integrated combination of carefully chosen partner products and specific developments adapted to the customer’s individual context, whether they are a fixed, mobile and integrated operator, or operating in emerging markets. These projects benefit from the full range of Bull’s expertise in engineering, systems integration and infrastructure development, including Bull’s centers of expertise in VAS (Value-Added Services), SDP (Service Delivery Platform), OSS/BSS and networks.

To provide cost-effective, agile and scalable solutions, Bull has developed specific offerings for telecoms Operational Support Systems (OSS), built using Open Source components. These include:

Both are ready to be integrated into the client’s environment.

Device management
The solution provides a centralized remote management service for terminals, and can address heterogeneous devices distributed over the Internet or large-scale private networks. Bull’s integrated and flexible approach supports rapid evolution in complex and heterogeneous environments. The main functions include static and dynamic configuration management, as well as versioning management and firmware distribution.

It can be adapted to selected terminals and includes the following components:

“Today, the Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) is considered as one of the critical building blocks for ISPs. It improves operational costs by offering automated mass device management including pre-provisioning, zero-touch configuration and firmware campaign deployment via a graphical user interface (GUI),” explains Yan Chen, Bull Telecoms OSS Manager. “With its dashboard, the Bull solution helps Customer Service to efficiently diagnose and resolve customers’ issues. To some extent, it also improves the end user experience by carrying out advanced firmware deployment campaigns that make remote administration transparent.”

Assurance management
The solution offers three main functions:

Delivered in four separate modules, Bull solutions benefit from a graphical Web GUI.
The Inventory solution can identify items of equipment installed on the network and collect configuration information for the central server on a configurable frequency.
Designed for both Windows and Linux systems, the Software Deployment module enables the administrator to expand the software package, to create groups of target equipment items, prepare pop-up messages to inform users (who can refuse a software update if they wish), and view the progress of the deployment and related statistics.
Based on NMS, the Network and Equipment management module ensures that items of equipment are identified and that services are monitored (for the following standard environments: Citrix, DHCP, DNS, Domino HTTP, FTP, HTTP (80, 8000 or 8080), HTTPS, ICMP, IMAP, Informix, LDAP, MSExchange, MySql, NTP, NotesHTTP, Oracle, POP3, Postgres Radius Auth, SMB, SMTP, SNMP SQL Server, SSH, Sybase, TCP and Telnet), events and alarms are managed (SNMP supported), and information provided to operators.
The Performance management module collects performance data, stores data and presents indicators through a series of graphical views. In addition, Bull has developed a plug-in to the Performance module, to set performance thresholds in order to detect performance issues and alert equipment managers by sending SNMP traps.

All solutions comply with ITIL requirements. Bull is a founder member of the ITSMF France.

*ITSMF: IT Service Management Forum