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Bull supports France’s Customs and indirect taxation authority in its technological evolution


In line with the strategic directions of the DGDDI (French Customs and indirect taxation authority), the  Customs IT center has been implementing a huge project to update its IT architecture over the past three years. The aim is to prepare for the new applications needed to respond to the DGDDI’s evolving business activities.

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In particular the new architecture, based on an all-Internet platform, has to match the Customs authority’s need for computing power as closely as possible, as part of its aim to optimize costs and control energy consumption.

To enable the DGDDI to adapt the power of its GCOS7 mainframe and to ensure greater flexibility in response to changing application loading requirements, Bull proposed implementing a NovaScale 7000 system. The new configuration ensures continuity for all existing GCOS7 applications with no need to modify any code, and enables the system to adapt to actual application workloads thanks to a powerful hardware and software kit.

As a result, the Customs IT Center will have access to a state-of-the-art, reliable, powerful and secure system, based on industry standards, but also with lower capital investment and operating costs.

The new, open system offers guaranteed interoperability with external applications and will support moves towards the Customs authority’s new business needs.