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Bull equips several French Ministries with globull™, the leading mobile security platform 


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The French Defense Ministry's Inter-Forces Infrastructure, Networks and Information Systems Department (the DIRISI) signs a four-year framework agreement with Bull to supply several government ministries and other public sector bodies.

At the end of 2008, the DIRISI signed a four-year framework agreement that will enable several Government entities (including the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Communication, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of the Interior, Overseas Territories and Local Authorities, the various departments reporting to the Prime Minister, and the French atomic energy authority or CEA) to acquire individual globull, TrustWay USB and RCI devices. Globull has already been widely adopted by a number of ministries under this agreement.

A new approach to ultra-mobile computing
Bull is meeting today’s growing demand for mobile computing and ultra-secure storage from the public sector, with a solution that offers all the standard functionality of the mobile desktop along with a digital strong-box, with everything geared to providing the highest possible levels of security through defense-standard technologies.

The globull devices will be personalized for individual use and will feature the requisite storage capacity (60GB) and the appropriate operating system software to provide secure storage and cryptographic services (encryption, electronic signature...) for users’ applications, as well as a complete local ‘trust’ environment through direct booting.   

So every new user will receive a globull device, featuring his or her own cryptographic environment and a personalized software environment configured according to the user’s rights relating to their job role. Each device is fully traceable and customization processes are automated using a special customization workstation, also implemented by Bull. 

"Guaranteeing the security of sensitive and classified government information is one of the fundamental roles of the DIRISI (the French Defense Ministry's Inter-Forces Infrastructure, Networks and Information Systems Department)," explained Jean-François Montuelle, head of Information System Security purchasing at the DIRISI. “When it comes to mobile computing, one of the objectives set for us by the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces was to find a way to protect the information carried around on mobile devices by military personnel. Bull’s solution – globull – is absolutely in line with the Ministry of Defense’s security policy, so it has enabled us to meet this challenge, which is crucially important for all government Ministries.”

Implementing personalized mobile computing… on a massive scale
Bull is supporting the DIRISI and French government ministries as part of a comprehensive approach to delivering a complete and integrated solution, which provides:

“Globull combines Bull’s expertise in technological innovation with its unique cryptographic processor, along with a highly original design,” explained Alain Filée, Director of Security Products at Bull. “In addition, thanks to our technological expertise, we can offer our customers bespoke variants that meet their precise requirements.”