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bullx™: the very essence of Bull’s expertise and know-how 


D. Lamouche Today we are launching a brand new generation of supercomputers: bullx™, the very essence of Bull’s expertise and know-how. It is a very proud moment for us.

Designed without compromise for unlimited innovation 
Bullx is synonymous with performance, whichever way it is measured. It effectively combines huge power with low energy consumption. And the first model in this new range successfully brings together two characteristics that until now have been irreconcilable: very high levels of computing power – ranging from Teraflops to tens of Petaflops – and extremely simple operation.  Ultra-dense, these first systems are completely modular, and can be configured to suit any requirement. Like a set of building blocks that slot effortlessly together, giving total freedom for the system to evolve as your needs change. With its elegant, robust and ergonomic design, bullx can be installed in just a few hours, start-up takes just a few minutes, and the first results are delivered in just a few seconds! 

With Bull, enter the new age of Extreme Computing
We need to innovate. Always faster. Re-inventing and redesigning... We have to do more, do it better, and with more respect for the environment. This is the new paradigm for every enterprise. To help you keep in step with this change, Bull is opening up a whole new dimension in computer simulation, and at the same time revealing new horizons for growth, with the era of Extreme Computing. Designed by one of the biggest teams of High-Performance Computing (HPC) experts in Europe, Bullx is the fruit of a unique pool of expertise, offering local proximity, rapid response and the ability to deploy powerful, customized solutions. 

This is where the need to make sustainable investments takes on its full meaning. Investing today in Extreme Computing is all about preparing for tomorrow, and putting in place the foundations for a new world built on two key imperatives: innovation and environmental awareness. bullx is the most refined illustration of this today in Europe. By supporting the continued spread of intensive computing, Europe could rapidly build momentum in research and innovation. We are ready to meet this challenge, to enable this major technological leap forward, which will guarantee competitiveness. Bull, as the only European player capable of developing such supercomputers, and as the supplier to some of the world’s most prestigious research and development centers, has the ambition to be one of the three leaders in Extreme Computing worldwide, and number one in Europe.  

Leave the age of HPC... enter the Extreme Computing era.

Thank you all for the confidence you are showing in Bull.  

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer