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Rendering for Planet 51, soon to be released by Sony Pictures, is carried out on a Bull supercomputer   


In 2002, Madrid-based ILION Animation Studios was founded to make the 3D animated movie: Planet 51. Since then, ILION Animation Studios has been creating a parallel universe around Planet 51 using the most modern technologies. The result provides an incredible visual experience which cannot be compared with any other animated film. There are now around 300 designers, developers, engineers and other professionals from 20 different countries around the world working on Planet 51, with a budget of around $70 millions.Planet 51

To support its growth, ILION Animation Studios entrusted Tangram Solutions in collaboration with Bull to design and upgrade its existing bank of servers used for rendering (known as a ‘render farm’). Thanks to Tangram Solutions (an expert in the media sector) and Bull with its expertise in designing and developing large High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters – including some ranked in the Top 500 – ILION Animation Studios is now very close to finishing Planet 51. The studio’s render farm now consists of more than 2,048 Intel® Xeon® cores and with Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 (CCS) as the best option to run such specific render software. In the render farm, the designers and developers build each one of the frames which make up the film, working all together as a big system and connected through a high speed network to share the information between them.

Planet 51 will be released in USA through Sony Pictures by Thanksgiving Day and worldwide by the end of 2009.