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SNR Roulements breaks free from the inherent complexity of its heterogeneous IT infrastructures


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French bearings manufacturer uses the Bull StoreWay Virtuo virtual tape library (VTL) solution to consolidate its various environments and cut costs.

SNR Roulements, the international manufacturer and France’s leading maker of bearings, has extensive expertise and is a leading innovator in the automotive, industrial and aerospace markets.

In mid 2008 – when it came to replacing its existing back-up solution, which had become obsolete, and meeting the need to manage a significant increase in data volumes – SNR decided to consider updating its whole IT architecture. One of its key features is its heterogeneity, with three environments co-existing alongside each other: AIX®/Linux, Windows® and z/OS.
In parallel, SNR looked at updating its Business Continuity Plan, with the aim of doubling its back-up facilities at a separate disaster recovery site.

At best, a traditional high-end solution would have enabled us to consolidate our three different environments, but without providing an answer to our business continuity optimization requirements,” explained Olivier Bister, IS Director at SNR Roulements. “That’s why we opted for Bull’s StoreWay Virtuo solution, which provides unique, perfectly integrated features.”

Added value from StoreWay Virtuo: simplification, cost reductions, performance
By sharing all available resources, StoreWay Virtuo considerably reduces costs because it is easier to administer, takes up less floor space, and makes optimum use of data storage facilities.

The solution, put forward in partnership with APX, is organized around a virtual library at SNR’s central site; consolidating the three systems environments and two back-up librairies onto two LTO4 storage cartridges installed at the central site and a separate back-up site. As a result, StoreWay Virtuo backs up all data items twice, with higher levels of performance.
Bull is the only player in the market to offer this kind of consolidation using a virtual library,” confirmed Olivier Bister.

So thanks to the virtual back-up library, SNR’s business recovery plan is now fully documented, the procedures are set out and it can reconstruct all the intelligence inherent in the Virtuo server at the back-up site as well!