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globull helps businesses to face 'Swine Flu'


Bull delivers secure remote working solution to ensure corporate business continuity.



The rapid spread of the ‘Swine ‘Flu’ virus (H1N1), and the resulting potential high levels of absenteeism in all sectors of the economy, could represent a significant financial risk in terms of reduced business performance. In response to this challenge, Bull is offering businesses a specially adapted version of its mobile security solution, globull™ – the world’s most reliable security platform for mobile computing. The key advantages? Maximum security for remote working and maximum security for sensitive business data: helping organizations to remain competitive in the face of H1N1.

Bull has adapted globull – a secure, pocket-size PC, no bigger than a mobile phone – to allow employees who do not have a laptop but who are forced to stay at home, to carry on working in complete security, using their home computers. globull lets the user carry his or her entire working environment around with them, to protect their personal computer and all their data from intrusions, viruses and spyware, and to access confidential corporate data from home with complete immunity. As a result, globull offers the leading global, technological and user-friendly response to organizations’ security needs in the face of the pandemic threat.

How organizations can respond to the threat of the ‘flu pandemic
Even though it is difficult to estimate the real health risks, the economic risks relating to Swine ‘Flu are very real. And they are likely to be all the more harmful given that there are tentative signs of economic recovery. The threat of the pandemic could seriously put the brakes on efforts made by businesses over the past few months to ensure that they come through the recession even stronger; including investments in innovation and cost optimization.

To avoid the potential operational paralysis from the enforced absence of employees, businesses need to be able to maximize the use of mobile working solutions. It is also crucial that they are capable of providing staff who normally work at a fixed location, and so in normal circumstances are not given laptops (from back-office teams such as accounts, sales administration, R&D, personnel...), with specific solutions that will enable them to continue their normal business tasks, as usual, at home.

Faced with the threat of the Swine ‘Flu pandemic, the biggest challenge for all businesses will be to enable their staff to work remotely in complete security. In countries already widely affected by the H1N1 virus, we’ve seen many organizations encouraging their employees to stay at home temporarily, even though they are working in much less secure personal environments than if they were in the office,” explains Philippe Miltin, Vice-President, Bull Products and Systems. “As a result, the H1N1 pandemic could encourage a widespread viral pandemic of its own when it comes to computing and data... So we don’t just need to think about health protection measures, but measures to protect IT resources as well. As the world’s most secure mobile computing platform, globull provides an ultra-high security solution to this challenge.”

globull: a powerful distillation of innovation, for better IT security
By securing and hosting the personal working environment of every employee in a fully-encrypted digital ‘strong box’ that weighs just 120 grams, is no bigger than a PDA and can be connected via a USB2 port to the majority of PCs, globull allows any employee to access his or her data at home, on their own computer, in total security.

The dedicated new version of globull features two physical partitions – one public, the other private – and can be connected to any PC or Mac workstation, bringing the security of that computer right up to the highest level by installing anti-virus protection, a firewall and write-protected VPN (which prevents it being corrupted by hidden malware on the home computer. This then allows the workstation to be brought in line with corporate standards and protects access to enterprise data held in the private partition. All users have to do is to authenticate themselves using the globull touchpad, to access their working data with just one click. And they also have access to the organization’s network with the highest levels of security.

globull: protecting the work done by office-based employees and allowing them continue even when there is no network access
Capitalizing on Bull’s security expertise, as well as defense/military-standard security technologies, globull delivers three major innovations for employees working at home:
Access to protected data via a secret code entered on the globull touchpad: providing widespread access to Defense-standard data protection technologies. globull puts data out of reach from any intrusions or spyware on the PC
On the private partition, a secure data storage is built around an ultra-high performance cryptographic processor. This secure processor, 100% developed by Bull, guarantees the complete confidentiality of all data stored, even if the globull device is lost or stolen
On the public partition, the corporate network security software enables the chosen protective measures (anti-virus software, firewalls and VPNs, on any Windows®, Linux or Mac system) to be installed in a standardized way. This brings the home computer up to the same standards required by the organization’s corporate security rules.

globull is available now, from Bull’s network of partners.

In order to help organizations ensure the continuity of their business activities, Bull is offering the globull solution at a special offer price of €390*. This offer is valid until 31 October 2009.

* This price excludes taxes and includes a one-year warranty