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Bull takes on the whole IT value chain


In order to develop the kind of innovative, global Data Center solutions required to meet the challenges of environmental protection, Bull is surrounding itself with world-class partners.

The kinds of environmental and energy management questions being asked today in relation to the Data Center pose a dual challenge for the IT industry. Because they are both urgent and acute, these issues not only demand new and rapid responses, but they also transcend the traditional divisions between hardware and software, infrastructure and applications… The whole information system has to be energy efficient: hence the need for global solutions.

Faced with this, Bull – a pioneer in Green Computing and creator of the Bio Data Center™ concept – is building up a unique body of know-how covering the whole IT value chain: from systems design to consultancy and integration. Its aim? To provide integrated responses to environmental challenges. What’s more, Bull has embarked on a dynamic policy of forming partnerships which, through cross-fertilization of skills, help to nurture greater innovation and provide a coordinated response to the wide range of emerging challenges related to protecting our planet. So, for example, alongside Intel and IBM – already its long-term partners – Bull is working to accelerate the transition towards a new, much more energy efficient generation of server infrastructures. And in the course of recent months, the Bull ecosystem has seen the arrival of three major new partners.


With APC/Schneider Electric, Bull is developing an unprecedented joint offering of Data Center energy audits. In the space of just a few weeks, this enables the energy performance of existing systems to be evaluated and opportunities for savings to be identified, followed by the implementation of an optimization program which can deliver reductions of between 30% and 60% in Data Center operating costs.


With GlassHouse Technologies, a leading American consulting firm specializing in the transformation and optimization of IT infrastructures, Bull will be developing joint solutions in Europe in the area of storage. Auditing services, supported by contractual commitments, will enable the possible savings that storage optimization technologies may deliver to be identified and quantified. Using such technologies will also help reduce the carbon footprint of the Data Center.


With SAP, Bull has launched a shared R&D initiative designed to tackle the environmental challenges faced by the Data Center from the point of view of applications, a major factor in energy consumption. Bull and SAP Research are working in close collaboration to define best practices in application deployment, operation and virtualization, with the aim of minimizing the energy consumption and the carbon footprint of the Data Center.