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Bull: playing a vital role in the French employment office's information systems


The Group will be instrumental in several programs of work, as part of one of the largest ever services tenders from the public sector in France.



A new momentum... and three main aims
Created at the end of 2008, the new body responsible for employment in France – known as Pôle Emploi – is a dedicated organization focused around three key objectives: to enhance the services offered to jobseekers and businesses; to make these services more personal; and to anticipate and support changes in the labor market.

Working as a supplier to Pôle Emploi, the national public sector IT agency, the Direction Générale Adjointe des Systèmes d’Information or DGA SI (which employs 1,400 people), is responsible for developing, maintaining and evolving Pôle Emploi's information systems. It monitors and optimizes the running of production systems, as well as providing services and support to the system's 45,000 users.

Central to Pôle emploi's new resources, the information system is vital to the success of its various missions. Against the backdrop of a vast program of changes, DGA SI is porting the technical and software solutions that are central to the new operator's business challenges, most importantly:

DGA SI is also responsible for making sure that the information systems of several of Pôle Emploi's partners – such as Unédic, AGS (which provides protection for employees in the case of liquidation or bankruptcy) and other third-parties – operate effectively and are kept up-to-date.

Maintaining and updating Pôle Emploi's information systems, and designing new solutions
The new program aims to ensure that the existing information systems operate effectively day-to-day, whilst also updating them and supporting the transition towards new, integrated solutions.

Bull is playing a key role in this vast transformation project, participating in six separate programs of work either as a main contractor, or as a co-supplier or sub-contractor. This means Bull will be directly involved in open systems engineering projects and methodologies for developing Java and Cobol frameworks, which will be central to the business applications of the future. Bull is also involved in several large-scale Business Intelligence projects, including SID (Système d’Information Décisionnel, the new BI system), datamining, finance and fraud prevention.

As Daniel Urbani, Deputy Managing Director of Information Systems at Pôle Emploi explains: “Our Information System programme is helping us find solutions to Pôle Emploi's many challenges, and is providing a structure for the development of the information system so it can meet our business needs. Bull is one of the companies supporting us in this huge undertaking. In particular, Bull’s responsiveness and its ability to understand our needs are real advantages given the transformation that has to be achieved.”

The age of collaborative development
The teams involved at Bull are organized into ‘service centers’, so appropriate resources can be mobilized wherever they are needed, while sharing the same project vision. They are all using Bull's NovaForge™ software development platform, which brings together all the ‘workshops’ which likely to be called on during the project lifecycle in a single, shared environment. NovaForge also plays a role as a collaborative tool shared with the customer.

Some 120 Bull experts are currently working on the Pôle Emploi transformation project. We have set up a very formal governance structure in line with the scope of this huge project, with local program managers, to ensure that we are constantly in dialogue with Pôle Emploi and that we are always responsive to their constantly changing business requirements,” adds Jacqueline Moussa, Pôle Emploi Customer Executive at Bull.