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Luxembourg Post Office offers ‘cloud’ Single Sign-On with Evidian


P&T Luxembourg, the largest telecom and postal services operator in Luxembourg, has chosen Evidian Enterprise Single Sign-On as part of an integrated IT outsourcing offering in ‘cloud computing’ mode. Once they have completed the Single Sign-On (SSO) process, P&T Luxembourg customers will easily be able to access all their applications on virtualized workstations.


For example, ‘start-ups’ and subsidiaries of large companies wanting to establish themselves in Luxembourg will be able to benefit from a complete, on-line information system without the need for significant up-front investment. P&T Luxembourg will supply them with storage, network and applications via a fiber-based broadband network, on its own Service-Oriented Infrastructure (SOI). In a matter of days, customers will be able to use email, telephony, document management facilities, plus virtual office, accounting and business applications.

A single point of entry to this homogeneous solution was needed – multiple log-ins were out of the question. So P&T Luxembourg evaluated a number of SSO providers. The key criteria they were looking for was no need to modify applications, delegation, security, audit trails and speed of implementation. It soon became clear that Evidian was the best choice, following a trial implementation at a pilot site, during which the most representative applications were rapidly integrated within the SSO system.

If IT is not your core business, why invest in technical equipment and skills?” explains Mohamed Ourdane, Head of the Servers and Security department at P&T Luxembourg. “Evidian Enterprise SSO helps eliminate every visible complexity. You can then access a virtual, all-in-one Data Center which guarantees the availability of your data and regulatory compliance.”

To ensure complete control of the solution, the department in charge of virtualized computing also now uses Evidian Enterprise SSO for its own needs. Other departments within P&T Luxembourg will be similarly equipped by the end of 2009.

The collaboration with Evidian has been exemplary, and our internal users are very happy. The system administrators, who each had to manage a multitude of passwords, now only have to deal with one. All the other passwords are hidden from them, and this improves the regulatory compliance,” adds Mohamed Ourdane.

Enterprise SSO will enable P&T Luxembourg and its potential customers to meet the regulatory constraints in Luxembourg more easily, in line with the requirements of the National Data Protection Commission.

About P&T Luxembourg
P&T Luxembourg is the largest telecom and postal services operator in Luxembourg. It offers a complete range of voice and data services for personal and business customers, as well as high-capacity services via the an optical network across Luxembourg which links all the Data Centers and major enterprises. TERALINK, P&T Luxembourg’s international fiber optic network, opens up new horizons in information and communication technologies in Luxembourg, with connection speeds of up to 40 Gbit/s.
Web site:http://www.pt.lu/portal/