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Brazil and France announce a strategic collaborative agreement in the area of information technology


SERPRO joins forces with Bull to share the benefits of Open Source innovation



SERPRO (Brazil’s largest State-owned IT services agency) and Bull (the French and European Leader in Information Technology) are today announcing that they have reached a ground-breaking collaborative agreement, focused around the joint development of innovative Open Source and free software technologies for e-government services.

Through this agreement SERPRO (Serviço Federal de Processamento de Dados) and the Brazilian State will have access to Bull's most innovative Open Source technologies, which are mainly developed by Bull at its state-of-the-art R&D laboratories, mostly located in Grenoble, France. It will help Brazil, already the worldwide pioneer country in the use of Open Source for e-government services go one step further in the development of next generation Open Source-based e-government and education services.

From left to right: Alberto Araujo, General Manager of Bull Latin America,
Didier Lamouche, Chairman and CEO of Bull,
Marco Vinicius Ferreira Mazoni, Chairman and CEO SERPRO

The agreement will extend and improve the existing relationship on Open Source between SERPRO and Bull established inside the OW2 consortium, the world leader in open middleware solutions. It will cover co-operation in the following areas:

This is the largest collaborative agreement ever signed between Brazil and France. It will be followed by subsequent agreements with various different Brazilian authorities in other strategic areas of IT.

The Federal Service for Data Processing (SERPRO) is the biggest public company to provide IT services in Brazil. It was created under the law nº 4,516, on December 1964, to modernize and to offer pace to the strategic sectors of the public administration. It is a company involved with the Treasury Department and it grew developing programs and services that allowed greater control and transparency on public revenue and expenses. It was consolidated, throughout the years, improving technologies adopted by several federal, state and municipal agencies, and incorporated to the life of Brazilian citizen.

It is physically located in a central headquarters (in Brasilia) and also in ten branches distributed throughout the national territory. 8,522 employees are working in more than 330 Brazilian cities. Its performance market is in the segment of the public finances, constituted by the Treasury Department with its offices and other agencies, corresponding to 85.2% of business volume of the Company. It also operates in the segment of the structured and integrated measures of the Federal Public Administration, which is constituted by the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management and extends to other governmental agencies, which can constitute measures in this segment and demand distinctive services of the Company.

Joint declaration from the President of the Federal Republic of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy

This joint declaration, signed on 7 September this year, sets out a willingness to cooperate in the area of supercomputers, in the section entitled ‘New directions for the future’:
" In the area of information technologies, they have decided to advance their discussion on forms of cooperation for the development of supercomputers and high-end computers, with the aim of enhancing Brazil’s skills in these leading-edge sectors, including through direct investment and strengthening Brazil’s industrial infrastructures.” >>

Bull, represented by Didier Lamouche, is one of the ten major French businesses in the ‘high-level group’ charged with enriching IT technological collaboration between France and Brazil.