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bullx supercomputers for unlimited innovation, without compromise. Interview with Fabio Gallo, Vice-President, Extreme Computing Solutions, Bull

Executive opinion

Less than a year after the launch of the first bullx™ models, Bull’s family of supercomputers has been extended, with a new model. But why has it been necessary to develop these different types of systems?
If you are looking for the very highest levels of performance, in every area, you need hardware that’s perfectly adapted for the job. High-Performance Computing (HPC) is no exception. Different systems meet quite different requirements, because they are optimized for certain types of use or algorithms.



Tera 100, Europe’s most powerful supercomputer, is powered up for the first time

The result of a collaborative program between Bull and the CEA which began in 2008, Tera 100 is the first petaflops-scale* supercomputer ever designed and developed in Europe. Its theoretical maximum power of 1.25 Petaflops means it ranks among the three most powerful supercomputers in the world. Tera 100 is destined for the French nuclear weapons simulation program, aimed at guaranteeing the reliability of nuclear deterrent weapons.



Atomic Weapons Establishment awards contract to Bull to provide two large scale capacity supercomputers

Barclays France reinforces its security with “zero passwords”.

RH@psodie: right at the heart of State modernization

BRED Banque Populaire chooses NovaForge as its core software development platform

Bull World


Bull rejuvenates the mainframe, with the launch of a new novascale gcos server

Services-oriented infrastructures: Bull’s consulting approach


Bull opens its Bio Demo Center, a new European facility for demonstrating energy-efficient Data Center solutions

The metamorphosis of the Data Center: what are the prospects for the future?

Bull Escala server elected “product of the year” by Green IT Magazine in London

2010 Bull – Joseph Fourier Prize to encourage the development of computer simulation in France, in association with GENCI, Serviware and La Tribune


P. Vannier
Up there, with the best in the world!

This is my first editorial for Bull Direct, and I am especially delighted because I can use it to share some particularly good news with you, with the announcement of a superb accomplishment that Bull has achieved with the French Atomic Energy Authority, the CEA: Tera 100, Europe’s most powerful supercomputer.

Read Philippe Vannier's editorial >>



Graphical accelerators: the future of Extreme Computing, by Jean-Pierre Panziera, Director of Extreme Computing Product Strategy, Bull

The introduction of GPUs as accelerators has turned the HPC world upside-down. What to some researchers is still just a ‘promising technology’ is at the very heart of a revolution in HPC systems. It’s the way of the future, and it is already available in Bull’s Extreme Computing solutions.








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