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July 2006
Business cases

• National Oceanographic Centre (United Kingdom)
• Registrar of the Paris Commercial Court (France)

• Local Authorities (Saxony, Germany)
T-T Electric (Denmark)

Bull helps the Registrar of the Paris Commercial Court deliver on-line services

Digigreffe1 chose Bull to implement and host the MetaPKI public key infrastructure solution

The Registrar of the Paris Commercial Court (Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce de Paris), a pioneer in on-line delivery of business processes, has chosen Bull to implement a comprehensive electronic certification solution, as part of its drive to conform to the new recommendations for harmonizing the use of digital certificates in the French public sector (the so-called PRIS regulations).
The Bull solution will provide the 315,000 entrepreneurs in Paris with a public key infrastructure (PKI) enabling them to make their official submissions on line and access public sector applications. and will equip some 15,000 veterinary surgeons who are members of the CSOV (the veterinary council).

Today, the Registrar of the Paris Commercial Court is at the leading edge when it comes to putting processes on-line. Being able to offer good service quality – that is both proven and well respected – is a vital element, since any dysfunction in the system could have direct repercussions on the life of businesses. Our partnership with Bull enables us to implement a useful mechanism for delivering digital certificates in a totally secure way.” explains Pascal Beder, Assistant Registrar.

This new five-year contract confirms the value of Bull’s solutions outsourcing strategy in a highly secure, high-tech environment.

Bull offers a range of global value-added solutions including integration, operational services and application support, capitalizing on the company’s wide range of security and outsourcing resources and expertise. As a result, our customers have all the benefits of a single point of contact who can anticipate their business requirements well in advance and put forward highly secure and scalable hosting solutions to meet those needs,” confirmed Jérôme Belley, Director of Outsourcing Services at Bull Services and Solutions.

Bull’s solution includes:
• Implementing the Bull’s MetaPKI public key infrastructure, including migrating the existing solution to MetaPKI and then ensuring that the whole system evolves towards the new PRIS V2 infrastructure required by the certification authorities
• Integrating Bull’s TrustWay CryptoBox2 for the sequestration of the certification authority’s keys
• Hosting the MetaPKI solution and the dedicated certification portal at Bull’s outsourcing center, to provide guaranteed 24/7 continuous service
• Support for and evolution of the solution.

1 Digigreffe is an association that brings together the Registrar to the Paris Commercial Court, the Registrar to the Commercial Court in the Southern French town of Alès and the French National Council of Veterinary Surgeons (CSOV).
2 Cryptobox guarantees a very high level of security and trust; it is based on Bull’s Crypto PCI that is evaluated EAL4+ level by DCSSI (Central Directorate for Information System Security)/Prime Minister’s Office).

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