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July 2006
NovaScale family extended to cover all enterprise requirements, from supercomputers to the simplest file servers
Interview with Pierre Duval, Head of the Intel-based servers Business Unit
Bull has just launched the new NovaScale 3005 series. What are the advantages of these latest models?
They are twice as powerful as their predecessors and deliver three times the performance for the price. What’s more, they feature the new-generation ‘Montecito’ dual-core technology in response to the specific power and scalability requirements of major data centers and scientific computing facilities. The servers are also very compact, because a single housing can hold anything from 4 to 160 powerful processing cores. They also supply highly compacted power: with only a slight increase in power consumption and better heat output. The new models replace the NovaScale 4000 series, and complement the NovaScale 5005 large-scale SMP servers.

So does this mean that the new Intel ‘Montecito’ processor is now available?
Indeed, TERA-10 for the French Atomic Energy Authority, Europe’s most powerful supercomputer and No.5 in the world, already features over 4,000 Montecito processors. So Bull has unique experience of these new processors in the marketplace. They will be available on general release at the beginning of August this year.
The new Montecito processor responds to the market’s intense demands for high-end processors that deliver lots more power with low electricity consumption and heat output, for the most demanding environments: supercomputers, large database servers and application servers in mission-critical environments.
The NovaScale 3005 series is the first to integrate the Montecito processor from its inception, thus offering an extremely competitive price and price/performance ratio. The NovaScale 5005 series, launched in March 2006, initially featured the Madison processor, and will be offered with the Montecito processor from the beginning of August, ensuring that our range of high-end SMP processors takes full advantage of the power of the latest Intel processors.

What are the first models in the new NovaScale 3005 series?
Initially, there are three models in the NovaScale 3005 series, each featuring up to four Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® 2 Montecito processors. The differences between them are the number of dual-core processors they feature and how compact they are:
• The NovaScale 3025 and NovaScale 3045 models are especially well suited to production environments where intensive use of I/Os is required. The NovaScale 3025 is equipped with one or two dual-core processors, and with eight integral disk bays. The NovaScale 3045 features between one and four dual-core processors, and eight integral disk bays
• The NovaScale 3045 Compact enables to build clusters delivering very high levels of computing power to be built. With its extremely compact format (only ‘2U’), it features between one and four dual core processors and two integral disk bays.
The first servers will be available from August 2006. The price for the entry-level server configuration with one Intel® Itanium® 2 9020 processor, 4GB memory and 73GB of disk space, starts at €11,300.

Why Bull is also extending its NovaScale family with new ‘rack’ and ‘tower’ format servers?
The NovaScale family already includes blade servers, featuring Xeon® processors, to complement high-end servers based on Intel® Itanium® 2 processors designed primarily for large-scale commercial and scientific applications. From now on, servers with other packaging will also be included in the NovaScale family, for all kinds of enterprise use: from front-office servers to application and database servers. Bull wanted to enrich its NovaScale offering and ensure greater consistency across its product catalogue, whilst capitalizing on the NovaScale brand. The new family of servers is designed to meet all kinds of enterprise requirements for open and flexible application infrastructures based on industry-standard technologies.
That’s why Bull is announcing the launch of our new NovaScale R600 and NovaScale T800 series that are equipped, like the NovaScale Blade servers, with Intel® Xeon® processors. They are aimed at the low-cost fault-tolerant server market and the workgroup, printer or file servers market.
Just like the Intel® Itanium® 2-based NovaScale servers, the NovaScale servers that use Intel® Xeon® technology can be administered using the NovaScale Master software suite and share the same catalog of Bull StoreWay data storage solutions.
So the new NovaScale family represents much greater simplicity for our customers alike. It includes from now:
The NovaScale Intensive line, targeted at mission critical and HPC applications, based on Intel® Itanium® 2 processors, including NovaScale 3005, 5005, 7000 et 9000 series
The NovaScale Universal line, targeted at volume market, based on Intel® Xeon® processors, including blades, towers, racks and fault-tolerant series of servers

What R600 and T800 models are currently available?
The NovaScale R620 is the first model in the NovaScale R600 series. It’s a fault-tolerant server available in rack format, destined for organizations that want a low-cost and extremely reliable application platform, responding to the highest demands. The price of a configuration including 2 processors, 2GB of memory, 73GB of disks and Windows 2003® Enterprise Edition preloaded is €29,884.
The NovaScale T840 is the first model in the NovaScale T800 series. This is a tower-format server designed for businesses that want simple, easy-to-implement servers for workgroups, file or printer server duties. The configuration price including one 3.0GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of memory and one 80GB hard disk starts at €1,891.
In September, Bull will be unveiling a number of new rack and tower format servers to further enhance the NovaScale server offering.

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