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September 2006
Business cases

• State of New York (USA)
• PMU (France)

University of Manchester (UK)
• Kraftway (Russia)

Bull signs 3-year extension for Data Warehouse solutions to help manage New York’s Medicaid program and tackle fraud

Business Intelligence initiative will further strengthen the efficiencies of the largest Medicaid program in the nation

Bull will continue to provide the State of New York with a Business Intelligence/data warehousing solution to manage its vast Medicaid program under the contract extension through 2009. First implemented in 2002, the BI/data warehousing solution has helped New York uncover fraud and abuse, and strengthen its analysis of long term care and pharmaceutical costs.
Bull reached agreement with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), the prime contractor with the New York Department of Health (DOH), on a three year contract extension for the BI/data warehouse solution to manage the Empire State’s $44 billion Medicaid program. The program is the nation’s largest in terms of budget size, and serves more than 4.2 million participants, with over 2.5 million in New York City alone.
Statewide, more than 825 staff members from 11 state agencies, one federal agency, and 36 counties have used the data warehouse to access and analyze Medicaid-related data rapidly and securely. New York State expects that number to rise to 1,100 as new users and more counties come on board.
The state has used the Bull BI/data warehousing solution to help New York achieve millions of dollars in savings and make major advances in the following areas:
Tracking potential fraud and abuse among providers and participants;
Tracking prescription drug pattern usage to prevent abuse;
Delivering enhanced audit control;
Conducting predictive modeling;
Responding quickly to legislative inquiries.
Users throughout the state have been trained to access the information contained in the data warehouse, utilizing a comprehensive suite of integrated query and reporting tools, and a customized suite of advanced analytics applications. One of the most immediate and most significant benefits of the New York BI/data warehousing solution is the State’s capability to access and analyze data rapidly — and in many cases within minutes or hours versus days, weeks or months — and transform it to knowledge about the Medicaid program. The user community currently averages more than 15,000 queries per month — more than 550,000 queries have been issued against the data warehouse since its initial deployment.
The Bull solution in New York was recognized in 2004 by the National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO), winning first prize in the organization’s Enterprise Information Architecture category.

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