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September 2006
Business cases

• State of New York (USA)
• PMU (France)

University of Manchester (UK)
• Kraftway (Russia)

Place your PMU bets, wherever you are, from your mobile phone

As of the 27 June this year, the PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain – first company of horse betting in Europe) is offering the French public the possibility of placing bets on horses from a WAP-enabled mobile phone. With a connection to the Mobile PMU site, bets can be placed at any time, and from anywhere, right up to the start of each race. Payments for bets and wins on races are handled in total security via a PMU account set up in the user’s name.

With Mobile PMU, the PMU’s objective is to “bring the world of betting and horse racing to new audiences, and notably a younger and more urban clientele”.

Bull, as an experienced integrator of mobile solutions, has implemented this new bet placement service over the mobile Internet by integrating the multi-channel service software platform Mobility Engine, published by its partner Wokup. Accessible via Orange World, Vodafone live, i-mode and ‘Gallery’ kiosks, the application provides users with Internet access to an account set up beforehand from their mobile phone, and allows them to place bets on all PMU-promoted races.
The solution implemented for the PMU also integrates Bull Open Source components, and so offers the user all guarantees of performance, confidentiality and security necessary to the placing of bets.
The display interface has been optimized to suit the full range of mobile telephones currently on the market. WAP and i-mode applications, as well as the ‘Pariez spOt’ application that can be downloaded to i-mode have been developed jointly by the Wokup and Bull teams before being integrated by Bull in the PMU environment. Bull has also contributed its know-how in implementing mass-market solutions that handle huge volumes of data and provide a high level of availability.
For this type of project, the PMU always puts the work out to tender. The decision to choose the solution offered by Bull was taken because it corresponded exactly to our demands for high quality, technology scalability and performance,” explained Guillaume Dolbeau, e-PMU Manager.

Two months after going live, the Mobile PMU service has attracted growing interest with more than 90,000 bets placed, and without a single technical problem being recorded. Its full public launch will take place in September, with a major press and Internet campaign. The advertising slogan for the new service is: “With mobile PMU, time you normally waste can now be spent earning money!

The PMU is Europe’s premier horse betting organization with a €8.01 billion turnover and 6.5 million customers in 2005. Remote PMU services already included bets placed by telephone, minitel, Internet and interactive television, with a turnover of more than €472 million in 2005, up 22.5% on the previous year.

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