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October 2006
Hot topics
French President salutes the TERA-10 supercomputerl

Alain Delpuech, CEA Director of Military Applications presents TERA-10
to Jacques Chirac, French President and Michèle Alliot-Marie, French Defence Minister.

During his visit to the French Atomic Energy Authority (the CEA) in September, the President of the French Republic, Jacques Chirac, declared that: “with the completion of TERA-10 by the Bull Group, France has at its disposal the most powerful computer in Europe; and more widely, on the technological front, is easily on a par with the United States and Japan. We occupy one of the leading positions in digital simulation worldwide.”

Just as a reminder, TERA-10 is the supercomputer that enables the CEA to simulate nuclear tests, thus avoiding the need for full-scale trials in the natural environment. The computing power of TERA-10 is also available to the scientific research community, particularly in areas such as earthquake prediction, decoding human genes, and predicting climate change. It is capable of processing fifty thousand billion operations a second.

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