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October 2006
Business cases

• Maroc Connect (Morocco)
• Rybnik (Poland)

• Ministry of Health (Bulgaria)
• Erie schools (Pennsylvania, USA)

Bull implements the CitiCard for the town of Rybnik in Poland

In the Polish town of Rybnik (140,000 inhabitants), a new integrated IT system gives citizens fast access to information, a more efficient way of dealing with public institutions and a convenient way of using public services. The system is based around the concept of CitiCard, a ‘citizens card’ that enables people living in Rybnik to carry out various transactions at any of the town’s network of info kiosks and other public service points.
The diagram below sets out how the system behind the CitiCard works in broad terms:

The key part of the system is the CZD module. Its role is to store information about CitiCards and users’ personal data, and to settle accounts for any transactions done with CitiCards, which act as an ‘electronic purse’ for the holder. Every CitiCard in use has to be registered in the system. People can buy and customize their CitiCard at one of the ‘personalization points’ located across the whole town. At those points, users can also load essential applications such as:
Electronic purse
Electronic signature
Single journey public transport tickets
Multiple journey public transport tickets
Season tickets for city center sports and recreation facilities.

Holders of an electronic purse can ‘reload’ it with a specific amount of money at a point-of-sale terminal or even a parking meter! They can then spend this money on a single journey on public transport, to buy time on a parking meter or even to pay in the town’s market. They can also buy entry tickets to sports and recreation centers.

The electronic signature facility is used when ‘signing’ documents sent to the Town Council in electronic form, via the ‘Virtual Office’ sub-system, accessible to any citizen with Internet access (via public points such as Telecenters or Infokiosks, as well as private ones). Users need the electronic signature application loaded onto their CitiCard in order to use the range of Virtual Office functions.

The ZTZ is another sub-system that supports the maintenance and administration of the town’s public transport system. If a citizen has a CitiCard with the Electronic purse, he or she can pay a fare for a one-off journey. On the other hand, if the citizen card is loaded with a pass for multiple journeys he or she can pay additional fares, for example for an accompanying passenger, luggage or animals.

Bull, architect of an open world and builder of flexible and secure information system
Bull has been chosen by the city of Rybnik to implement its citizen card. The contract value is 1.1 million euros funded by UE.

Bull Poland ensures:
System integration (card and user management, PKI, electronic purse, etc)
Project management
Business analysis and consulting
Central management and clearance system development
Java smart card applications development
and provides the infrastructure based on Bull NovaScale servers


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