March 2013

Integration: opening up the digital enterprise

Executive opinion. In the face of new Internet-based competition, traditional businesses are having to reinvent themselves using digital technology. Thierry Siouffi, Executive VP of Bull Business Integration Solutions, explains why integration is becoming a critical challenge in achieving this, especially when it comes to vital issues like data management, the cloud and security.

A center of excellence for parallel programming

Extreme Computing. Adapting programs to take full advantage of the power offered by the latest generations of supercomputers is a key issue when it comes to innovation and competitiveness. To help engineers and researchers do just that, Bull has set up Europe’s first center of excellence dedicated to the development of HPC applications for ultra-parallel architectures.

Bombardier invents Train of the Future with Bull

Transport. With its sights firmly set on the future, the world leader in rail transport is working on the Train of the Future: a massive collaborative R&D program designed to speed up the development of trains and improve their quality. Its partners on the project include Bull Amesys, which is responsible for an innovative on-board ‘telepresence’ solution.

Vivo chose bullion for its critical infrastructure

Telecoms. Telefônica-Vivo, Brazil’s number one telecoms operator, has chosen bullion™ servers from Bull as the basis of its critical Next-Generation Intelligent Network (NGIN) infrastructure. The system, which supports pre-paid mobile services for almost 70 million subscribers, is absolutely vital for Vivo, who are relying on bullion’s performance, availability and scalability.

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