bullion servers

The most innovative workspace for in-memory computing

bullion™, a powerful family of servers…

Combination of extremely innovative and exclusive technologies, bullion is the only range of x86 servers capable of responding flexibly, securely and cost-effectively to all your challenges.

…with a modular approach

Based on a reliable, powerful thus modular architecture – from two and 16 Intel® Xeon® E7 v3 processors and up to 24TB of memory – bullion addresses extreme demands that are often believed to be completely irreconcilable: performance and elasticity, reliability and cost control.

The simple and effective solution to 3 big challenges for the IT Department

Immediate, real, measurable benefits: unique in the x86 world,  bullion reaches the highest level of quality of service, performance, availability and scalability to meet the 3 big challenges an IT Department is facing: Data Center optimization, IT modernization and Big Data efficient implementation.


















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Designed for Big Data and massive in-memory processing. Powered by Intel® Xeon® processors


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  • Eurosatory 2016
    06/13/2016 to 06/17/2016
    Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition

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