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bullion cloud platform

bullion cloud platform is a complete solution combining the power of high-end servers designed and manufactured in Europe, with the best technologies from highly respected partners such as VMware’s vCloud, EMC storage and Brocade networking solutions, and Bull’s own well-regarded security technologies. The result? An infrastructure that meets even the highest demands in terms of security, scalability and performance.

Bull offers three bullion cloud platform configurations. Each configuration is pre-defined, optimized, validated and pre-packaged, for a rapid and risk-free deployment that precisely reflects your individual situation. These configurations can easily evolve in the future, depending on your changing business needs.

  • Discovery: this configuration is particularly well suited to organizations that want rapidly available resources, available on a pay-as-you-go basis, for their software testing and development. It is designed to cut support costs and maximize server utilization rates.
  • Department: this configuration is especially designed for small and medium-sized organizations that have to host numerous applications on a simple infrastructure. It meets all the service levels demanded by businesses, for their applications and their security.
    • Enterprise: even the most demanding service level agreements can be met with this configuration. It is ideal to support mission-critical applications and databases, and protects private Clouds with the kind of security levels usually demanded by the banking industry.

    Functionalities bullion cloud platform :

    • Simplifying private Cloud infrastructures

    Rather than using more and more small-scale blade servers to meet the growing need for power, bullion cloud platform offers a modular architecture that can host thousands of applications and even the most resource-hungry databases. The secret? bullion: the fastest server on the market today, with record-breaking performance, unbeatable robustness and scalability thanks to the use of VMware vSphere5. bullion cloud platform delivers twice the ‘scale-in’ and ‘scale-out’ capacity of any of its rivals. Delivered in a single rack, bullion cloud platform offers a ‘plug and play’ solution for any organization that wants to avoid the nightmare of managing hundreds of networked servers and peripherals.

    • Managing the Data Center efficiently

    VMware vCloud provides secure, on-demand access to shared resources. The solution uses Vcloud director, vCenter Chargeback and vCloud Network and Security, and extends VMware technologies to other Data Center resources such as processing power, storage, networks and security, all brought together into virtual Data Centers. These resource containers are highly secure and scalable, and are shared between users, who have self-service access to them. What’s more, because they are completely hardware-independent, applications can easily be moved between compatible Clouds.

    • Protecting information with the highest levels of security

    Thanks to the proven and certified technology developed by Bull, bullion cloud platform offers the highest levels of security in terms of access control, security of connectivity and control over data protection. Access to systems is protected by Evidian I&AM9, which authenticates every person who connects to the system, manages their access rights depending on their role and responsibilities, and verifies their connections to ensure regulatory compliance. bullion cloud platform also capitalizes on Bull’s expertise in data encryption with its TrustWay solution, which is especially well suited to securing information in hybrid Clouds.

    • Manage huge amounts of data in a secure environment

    bullion cloud platform incorporates EMC VNX and VMAX storage systems, for unified, automated storage that is fully optimized for virtualized applications. The solution provides overall visibility of the environment thanks to the excellent interoperability between the EMC and VMware technologies. And because implementing a private Cloud involves modifying your data back-up strategies, bullion cloud platform also features a solution that optimizes storage and protects applications so you can manage and secure very large amounts of data within a private Cloud.



    bullion cloud platform
    bullion cloud platformPutting simplicity and security at the heart of private clouds

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