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Bullion servers and virtualization

bullion is specifically designed to virtualize business-critical applications. It meets the high availability requirements of business-critical applications and the high computing power requirements of ERPs and large databases. With its native virtualization capabilities based on VMware technology, bullion makes it possible to run multiple critical applications simultaneously, on a single machine. Native virtualization and resource sharing reconcile high performance, simplified administration and intelligent energy efficiency.



Virtualization of business-critical applications
In order to provide the power headroom and scalability required by databases, bullion is based on a balanced architecture with more processors, memory and I/Os than any other x86 system, thus enabling the consolidation of business-critical applications on an optimized infrastructure.
bullion’s BCS architecture enables you to meet your requirements related to the virtualization of your business-critical applications and your databases.  VMware vSphere 5 provides the possibility to use up to 32 vCPUs and 1TB RAM per VM thus offering a large scalability capability for a virtual machine. 

Powerful VMs
Powerful VMs also called « Monster VMs » enable the virtualization of the largest databases. They are much more efficient than a large number of small VM’s to run ERPs and databases. With a 32 vCPU VM your business-critical applications can be concentrated on a small infrastructure and consolidated. When you use Monster VM and bullion servers you simplify your infrastructure and reduce your total cost of ownership in a significant way.

Massive virtualization and Big Data
Supporting over 500 virtual machines (VMs) and several 'Monster VMs', bullion enables applications and databases to be consolidated within its modular and reliable architecture. When it comes to Business Intelligence (BI), bullion makes the most of its exceptional 4 Terabyte memory to process intensive analytical queries on huge amounts of unstructured data, even in real time thanks to its 'in memory' technologies.

Record performance
The world’s fastest X86 enterprise server

bullion server has been ranked as the world's fastest X86 enterprise-class server, according to the international SPECint®_rate2006 benchmark. The benchmark - which was run on a 'fat', 16-socket configuration - highlights bullion's exceptional characteristics, which make it almost twice as powerful as all its rivals.


The industry’s highest density
The natively embedded VMware hypervisor delivers the highest VM density of the industry according to the SPECvirt_sc2010 benchmark. The benchmark results show bullion’s robustness and extreme power, the reference platform for environments virtualized with VMware. bullion’s scalability and availability are totally consistent with VMware vSphere5. >>



critical applicationsTake the four challenges of virtualization with bullion

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