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Twice as powerful as any other x86 server,
up to 70% lower software infrastructure costs,
at least 30% lower electricity consumption

Optimize your infrastructures and cut your administration costs

Bull will carry out an audit of x86 environments and complete a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) assessment to measure the real benefits of consolidation.

Ensure a better quality of service

Bull can complete a resource utilization audit, to identify weak points and the best corrective actions to take.

Secure the virtualization of your critical applications

Bull will set up a Proof of Concept (POC) at one of its Centers of Expertise, to compare bullion against your needs and evaluate the potential benefits..

Optimize your resources

Bull will perform an energy audit, to assess the possible return on investment (ROI) from optimization measures.

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Are you taking full advantage of critical application virtualization?
Test yourself and calculate your TCO on line!lien


An initiative proposed by Bull's consultants

Virtualization of critical applications
Didier Marcon
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By Didier Marcon, bullion Architect, Bull Innovative Products
Bull implements a business-class infrastructure for Dassault Falcon Service
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