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bullion X86 enterprise server: the world’s fastest

The bullion server developed by Bull has been ranked as the world’s fastest X86 enterprise-class server, according to the international SPECint®_rate2006[1] benchmark. The benchmark – which was run on a ‘fat’, 16-socket configuration – highlights bullion’s exceptional characteristics, which make it almost twice as powerful as all its rivals. Featuring 160 Intel® Xeon® E7 cores and 4 Terabytes of RAM, the bullion server achieved peak performance of 4,110 according to the SPECint®2006 benchmark. The fastest competitive system only managed a performance of 2,180.

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In a market driven by a central promise: to regain control over the proliferation of servers; novascale bullion, a Bull designed system, goes a step further in virtualizing business critical applications. Based on a modular architecture, and natively embedding the VMware ESXi virtualization hypervisor, bullion is the answer to enabling IT departments to consolidate Xeon-based business applications while providing reliability and simplicity.

  1. Specifically designed for the virtualization of critical applications
    Fruit of the largest reservoir of expertise in Europe for the design, development and implementation of business critical systems, bullion possesses all the attributes required by these types of systems: hardware failure isolation with no impact on production, firmware upgrades on the fly, and a maintenance processor for remote control. Its modular architecture of up to four building blocks of 3U each, together with native virtualization, provides optimum flexibility. Moreover, its magnitude of system resources is unequaled for scalable infrastructure deployment, especially for Windows business applications. True expandability and scalability become reality

  2. Unsurpassed Quality of Service even while improving the TCO
    For a typical infrastructure, the deployment of bullion systems divide, on average, the number of managed objects by a factor of 10. Added to this is another key function: the dynamic allocation of resources. This approach provides a major financial benefit by optimizing the number of software licenses. At the operations level, Quality of Service is also improved through integrated management and simplified high availability architecture. In addition, the stability and coherence of the modular bullion architecture, from 4 to 16 sockets, allows a "Pay as you grow" type of approach, with a view towards drastic reduction of acquisition and ownership costs.

  3. A new equation for optimum energy efficiency
    bullion provides improvements of up to 40% in energy efficiency, thanks to its native virtualization hypervisor providing: consolidation without the “threshold effect” of n to n VM systems; the reduction in power consumption of n systems through moving them to bullion; and the rapid start-up and inactivation of the VM. This system has many green components developed by Bull engineers, such as the Bull patented active/passive power solution. Wherever possible, low power consumption components have been chosen, the power supplies with 91% efficiency being but one example. Finally, Bull System Manager, the Bull developed management and monitoring system, reduces the power consumption as a function of load (CPU, fans, memory) and inactivates idle resources. With this set of features, bullion has the best performance per watt versus comparable competitive systems

  4. A complete catalog of dedicated services
    Bull has put in place a full catalog of services for novascale bullion, to ensure the maximum Quality of Service for this type of high-end server. These services cover implementation, deployment, maintenance and support, as well as consulting services for virtualization, high availability, performance management and architecture optimisation. All these services benefit from Bull’s expertise in mission critical servers.


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