bullx supercomputer suite runs
on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

bullx supercomputer suite - Bull’s Linux-based Extreme Computing software suite - runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The scalability, manageability, security and high availability features of RHEL make it the ideal platform to run HPC applications. The longstanding technical relationship between Bull and Red Hat, with experts on both sides working closely together, ensures that bullx scs leverages the fine-tuned and completely optimized RHEL software. This joint effort aims to provide the environment required to deploy and administrate very large supercomputers and to run the most demanding HPC applications.

With Bull's years of experience in deploying large scale HPC supercomputers and applications, combined with Red Hat's deep knowledge in Enterprise class Linux, Bull - Red Hat customers have access to professional-class worldwide support services.


bullx supercomputer suite
bullx supercomputer suite: technical specifications flyer

Bull's Linux-based Extreme Computing software suite


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April 2013
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