bullx supercomputer suite

Bull's software suite for HPC environments

bullx supercomputer suite (bullx scs) is a comprehensive, powerful and robust software solution that meets the requirements of even the most challenging high performance computing needs. It is the result of Bull’s long experience in deploying HPC software to the strictest specifications and major investments and continued efforts in R&D.

bullx supercomputer suite is designed, thanks to its Core Offer and its Extended Offer, to address a broad range of needs, from small supercomputers with just a few hundred cores demanding ease of use and flexibility, scaling up to supercomputers with several tens of thousands of cores, where very high availability, reliability, automated event and health management, optimized energy footprint, very high data throughput, and a fine-tuned MPI library are all essential features.

A comprehensive, open, integrated and flexible solution

The bullx supercomputer suite is a comprehensive solution to manage supercomputers, data and applications. It includes all the components necessary to install, provision, monitor and administrate supercomputers, as well as those needed to develop, run and fine-tune HPC applications. The suite is based on best-of-breed open source software and leading open standards, enhanced with Bull’s added value features. bullx supercomputer suite components are integrated through common access to the Supercomputer Information Repository, which provides a centralized and consistent view of the supercomputer and its application states for all components. This results in a dramatic increase in reliability as well as a whole new set of features.

Total flexibility

bullx supercomputer suite is modular by design. Users have total flexibility to implement tools from other leading software providers in conjunction with bullx supercomputer suite. Furthermore, these tools have been thoroughly tested and validated within the supercomputer suite environment to make sure that the overall solution achieves the required levels of performance and robustness.

Bull services to take full advantage of bullx scs
As a leading provider of end-to-end Extreme Computing solutions, Bull provides consultancy services to help its customers to take full advantage of the benefits of bullx supercomputer suite throughout their projects: design, deployment and operations.
bullx supercomputer suite users can benefit from Bull’s worldwide and highly professional support offer, comprising traditional maintenance and upgrade services as well as dedicated, personalized and pro-active services.

Operating system

bullx supercomputer suite runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The scalability, manageability, security and high availability features of RHEL make it the ideal platform to run HPC applications. The longstanding technical relationship between Bull and Red Hat, with experts on both sides working closely together, ensures that bullx scs leverages the fine-tuned and completely optimized RHEL software. This joint effort aims to provide the environment required to deploy and administrate very large supercomputers and to run the most demanding HPC applications.

With Bull's years of experience in deploying large scale HPC supercomputers and applications, combined with Red Hat's deep knowledge in Enterprise class Linux, Bull - Red Hat customers have access to professional-class worldwide support services.

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