bullx supercomputers

A range of servers specifically designed for HPC

Though the majority of supercomputers are clusters based on industry-standard components, there is no one-size-fits-all solution in extreme computing. Different applications require specific configurations and interconnect topologies. And each local environment has its own requirements in terms of footprint, power, and cooling. Beyond pure performance, supercomputing systems must not just leverage the latest technologies, but also perfectly meet the needs of every kind of application and user.

Bull’s R&D has designed the bullx family of servers to provide maximum flexibility in terms of interconnect, power, and cooling, and cover the widest possible spectrum of applications. Bull offers an infinitely adaptable response, with a large choice of compute nodes, accelerated nodes and specialized nodes. And of course this multitude of components can be combined, in a completely customized way, into a single bullx system and managed as a single system using the bullx supercomputer suite.

bullx B700 Direct Liquid Cooling blade system >>

Energy consumption reduced by a third with warm water cooling - and unchanged serviceability.

bullx B500 blade system >>

Ultra-concentrated power for clusters of all sizes.

bullx R400 servers >>

A comprehensive family of cost-effective rack-mounted servers optimized for Extreme Computing: from ultra-compact compute nodes to enhanced service nodes.

bullx S6000 supernode >>

SMP systems to satisfy the needs of even the most memory-hungry applications


bullx server ranges at a glance
 FormatCoolingCPUs per nodeMemory per node
bullx B500BladesAir-cooled2 Intel Xeon E5Up to 256 GB
bullx B700BladesDirect Liquid Cooling2 Intel Xeon E5Up to 256 GB
bullx R400Rack-mountedAir-cooled2 Intel Xeon E5Up to 512 GB
bullx S6000Rack-mountedAir-cooled2 to 16 Intel Xeon E7Up to 24 TB

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bullx servers are powered by Intel® Xeon® processors


Bull exascale

Bull unveils its exascale program and its ambition to design and develop in Europe the next generation of supercomputers.  Exascale will address the industrial, scientific and societal challenges of the 2020s, from nanoscience and genomics to climatology, aeronautics and energy.

Read the Statement of Direction 

Bull exascale video