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Accelerators and co-processors

Hybrid systems and services that
fully leverage the performance of accelerators

Although the emergence of multi-core CPUs has allowed manufacturers to keep pace with the steadily growing demand for more computing power, energy consumption, space, and cooling have become major inhibitors to computing systems expansion. Hence the success of accelerators such as Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors or GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) offering breakthrough performance plus outstanding space and energy efficiency - though they require an important programming effort to adapt codes to their highly parallel architecture.

Derived from technologies initially developed for game machines, NVIDIA®'s GPUs are highly parallel processors designed to seamlessly boost High Performance Computing applications. Implementing GPU computing is getting easier every month as new tools become available.

The Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors were designed specifically for HPC. Relative to standard Intel Xeon processors, coprocessors have many more smaller cores, many more hardware threads, and wider vector units. The high degree of parallelism compensates for the lower speed of each individual core to deliver higher aggregate performance for highly parallel applications.

To help you innovate with accelerators with maximum payoff, Bull offers complete accelerator-based solutions:

  • Bull hardware leveraging the latest technologies,
  • an integrated software environment,
  • expertise and services to implement your solution.

bullx R421 E4 accelerated server: integrated GPUs or coprocessors

bullx R421 E3

Designed specifically for high performance computing, the bullx R421 E4 accelerated servers combine over 1U:

  • two Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2600-v3 product family, AND
  • two latest generation NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPUs OR
    two latest generation Intel® Xeon Phi coprocessors.

The bullx R421 E4 is less dense than the bullx DLC B715 accelerator blades, but it offers more flexibility, with a wider choice of options and connectivity.

bullx DLC B715 blades: integrated GPUs or coprocessors plus the outstanding energy efficiency of Direct Liquid Cooling

bullx B715

bullx B715

Developed by the Bull R&D teams, the bullx DLC B715 accelerator blades are based on the direct cooling technology, and associate within the same blade:

  • two Intel® Xeon® processors, AND
  • two latest generation NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPUs OR
    two latest generation Intel® Xeon Phi coprocessors.

Bull expertise and services for maximum performance acceleration

Depending on the type of application and its degree of optimization, accelerators can boost processing by a factor of 1 to 100! Expertise is therefore essential to get the most out of accelerators. Bull has a long experience of systems associating accelerators and CPUs, and places this distinctive expertise at the service of Extreme Computing customers. Bull engineers have had hands-on experience of porting and optimizing applications for accelerated computing through many customer projects - AT CEA, GENCI, Petrobras or Barcelona Supercomputing Center. Bull experts deliver end-to-end services, from system design to advanced user training, through application optimization for accelerators.

A long experience of accelerators

In the last few years, Bull has designed for its customers accelerator-based systems of all sizes, from test systems with a few GPUs – purchased by several universities for example – to very large hybrid systems with tens of thousands of cores such as those developed for GENCI, CEA, BSC and Petrobras. Bull helps its customers optimize their accelerator utilization, with very varied codes such as BIGDFT (nano-sciences), SPECFEM3D (seismic), NAMD (biochemistry), but also for oil and gas research with the porting of RTM (Reverse Time Migration) codes to accelerators.

Seamless integration in the Extreme Computing environment

The bullx supercomputer suite integrates all the tools needed to operate a hybrid system comprising Intel® Xeon®-based servers and NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPUs or Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors. The task management environment supports the allocation of applications to the relevant computing resource. An application can naturally use both computing resources so as to fully capitalize on the rich potential offered by this type of system.

bullx DLC B715 accelerator blade: technical specifications flyer

The best of accelerator technologies combined to Direct Liquid Cooling

bullx R421 E4 accelerated server: technical specifications flyer

A flexible server with accelerators

Solutions GPU
Revolutionizing High Performance Computing: Bull servers for GPU accelerated HPC

This brochure published by NVIDIA outlines the advantages of GPUs and describes some real-life implementations with GPUs.


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