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A large choice of models,
from ultra dense compute nodes
to versatile service nodes

The bullx rack-mounted series is a family of 2-socket and 4-socket servers, based on the latest generation of Intel® Xeon® processors. Designed specifically for Extreme Computing, this series includes a large choice of servers, from ultra-dense compute nodes to enhanced service nodes.

Ultra dense compute nodes

bullx R424

bullx R424
bullx R422

The bullx R424 E4 servers are designed for high-level performance: high memory capacity, high-end connectivity, optimal internal storage capacity.

With 4 servers in 2U (i.e. up to 112 cores and more than 4.6  Tflops), the R424 E4 offer outstanding density, and excellent system availability, thanks to redundancy features and ease of maintenance, as well as the versatility of commodity servers.

The R424 E4 is also suited for use as a light service node for small clusters.

Compute nodes with large memory capacity

bullx R422

bullx R428

The bullx R428 E3 is a four-socket compute node with a large shared memory, which also offers extended storage and connectivity features.

This "fat node" offers the very large memory capacity required by certain applications (up to 32 DIMMs, up to 1 To), at an extremely reasonable cost.

Enhanced nodes designed for cluster management, and visualization

Intel Xeon

bullx B500
bullx R425

The bullx R423 E4i service node has advanced connectivity features, extended storage options and redundancy features to guarantee efficient and reliable cluster management services.

The bullx R425 E4 visualization node is equipped to support the latest graphics and accelerator cards. Available in rack and tower format.


bullx R423 E4i / R425 E4: technical specifications flyer

Enhanced service nodes and visualization nodes

bullx R428 E3: technical specifications flyer

Rack-mounted compute node with large memory (fat node)



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