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which can satisfy the needs of
even the most memory-hungry applications

Building on its acknowledged experience in designing SMP systems, Bull designed a new generation of supernode, which takes you even further in Extreme Computing.

bullx supernodes

Featuring an architecture designed to support up to 288 processing cores and an exceptional memory capacity of up to 24TB, the bullx S6130 servers are engineered for high performance and in-memory computing.

At the confluence of HPC and Big Data

The bullx S6130 servers meet the in-memory computing requirements of Big-Data and thus merge business-critical computing and High Performance Compu-ting. They are perfectly suited to support massive in-memory data bases, pre-processing and post-processing.


A powerful and modular range

The bullx S6130 server range consists of 4 complementary models, sharing the same innovative technology. Depending on the needs, users can simply plug new 3U compute modules into the Connecting Box, developed by Bull engineers to get rid of cabling. For more agility in configuring, bullx S6130 servers propose an innovative design with hot plug memory and I/O blades.

Key innovative components

The bullx S6130 can integrate 1 to 8 compute modules. Each compute module is a 3U 2-socket rack server. Each compute module contains:

  • up to 8 hot plug memory blades with 6 memory DIMMs each, i.e. a total of up to 3 TB per compute module when using 64GB DIMMs;
  • hot plug I/O blades that offer up to 7x PCIe Gen3 slots.

The compute modules are interconnected by a Connecting Box that makes it possible to stack 2, 4 or 8 modules to form a 4-socket, 8 socket or 16-socket supernode:

  • XQPI links are integrated in the Connecting Box, thus allowing to get rid of external connecting cables.
  • Compute modules can be easily plugged/unplugged to the Connecting Box.

Unmatched memory capacity

With a maximum memory capacity of 24 TB (for the 8 modules version), the bullx S6130 can satisfy the needs of the most memory-hungry applications.

All the performance of leading-edge Intel® Xeon® E7 processors

The bullx S6130 embarks from 2 to 16 future generation Intel® Xeon® E7 family processors, with a choice between different processor models for the best fit with the requirements of your applications (frequency optimized, power optimized…).

Power-conscious design

With the Gen2 Active/Passive Power supply, energy consumption is reduced by 40%.

Designed for maintainability

The bullx S6130 features patented mechanics for easy replacement of its com-ponents without opening the server, so as to facilitate maintenance. The innovative blade form-factor of memory and I/O modules enables hot-swapping. The disks, fans and PSUs can also be extracted without removing the server from the rack.


bullx S6130 supernode


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