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High density, low energy consumption,
ease of installation:
your plug & boot datacenter

Get all the computing power you need to innovate, and benefit from an outstanding price/performance ratio!

mobull containers offer an alternative to major investments in buildings and resolve many regulatory constraints when you need to increase your computing capacity..

Their flexibility provides unique transportation and implementation solutions, both inside and outside buildings: an electrical supply, a water supply and a small area in a car park are all they need!

The design of mobull solutions is inspired by the following principles:

  • Extreme power and density, with more than 500 Teraflops per container
  • Lowest possible start-up investment: no infrastructure cost, available for purchase or rent
  • Low consumption of resources: intelligent cooling system
  • Rapid and straightforward implementation: mobull containers can be delivered ready for use in just eight weeks
  • Very flexible installation and evolution: a customized approach, to accomodate new systems but also existing systems.

mobull associates market standards with Bull’s advanced solutions enabling the integration of systems designed and developed by Bull as well as most servers and storage sub-systems available on the market.


mobull: technical specifications flyer

plug & boot data center


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