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High density, low energy consumption,
ease of installation:
your plug & boot datacenter

mobull is a container equipped with technologies entirely dedicated to mobility: a new solution to meet data center challenges related to the new growth models of the digital economy.

Increasing needs for computing power and storage capacities are pushing businesses to make majors changes to the IT architecture, to increase the density of their infrastructure, servers and storage sub-systems. In parallel, energy and cooling requirements are dramatically increasing, while at the same time organizations are trying to reduce their costs, in order to prepare themselves for the post-crisis economy. mobull is Bull’s solution to reconcile all these issues.

Featuring significant processing power, very high levels of density and flexibility, rapid implementation, mobull liberates the traditional datacenter from its usual constraints, by combining containers and high performance technologies.

Extreme power and density

The technologies mobull uses make it possible to achieve very high power density, with more than 560 Tflops in an area of just above 30m². A single container can accommodate up to fifteen 19-inch racks, arranged in five series of three racks. In this configuration, each rack can accomodate up to 40 kW, i.e. the equivalent of 20 electric cookers over the surface of one, dissipated by the water-cooled doors designed by Bull!

Lower investment costs

mobull containers have minimal infrastructure requirements. Whether you are equipping a new data center, or extending the power of an existing facility, using mobull containers overcomes the need for major investments in buildings or to conform to a host of regulatory constraints.

Low power consumption

The technologies Bull has developed offer significant advantages in terms of reduced consumption of resources, whether in terms of floor-space (thanks to its high density), electricity consumption or power used for cooling (thanks in particular to its innovative cooling system, independant of the server or storage technologies used.

Rapid implementation

mobull containers are delivered ready-to-use in about eight weeks. Requiring very little infrastructure – a power supply, chilled water supply, and some space on a car-park are all that are needed – they are up and running extremely rapidly.

Flexibility and mobility

Thermally insulated, air- and water-tight and robust, mobull containers can be installed inside or outside the company premises, and can even be located in extreme conditions, for example on an offshore platform.

mobull can bought outright or leased, and can be configured to host new or existing systems.

Because it can easily be moved around, mobull offers a unique kind of mobility, so it can be positioned to take advantage of a zone where energy costs are at a premium, or in new areas of business for your organization

Using mobull overcomes the need for significant investments in refurbishing existing premises, or in constructing new machine rooms

Whether your organization buys or rents mobull, the number of containers can be easily tailored to correspond best to o your needs, in the wake of an incident, a sudden increase in system load or a one-off peak in business activity

Based on standard set-ups, the way your mobull is configured is totally customizable

An appropriate level of support is provided, in line with your business need, for hardware from Bull and other suppliers


mobull: technical specification sheet

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