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Giving you unlimited power to innovate
Technological race, environmental challenges, recession...
To develop your capacity for innovation,
Bull proposes HPC solutions for every type of need,
from departmental server to world-class supercomputer.

Bull is a leader in Extreme Computing in Europe.
Discover 10 reasons to choose Bull for your HPC projects:

  1. One-stop provider of production-ready systems
    Bull delivers complete, factory-built and -tested solutions that are easily and quickly integrated to your infrastructure. Bull is your unique business and technical interface for your project. Bull prides itself on the comprehensive nature of the delivery and installation process we can provide, such as full factory staging or quick start programs.

  2. A comprehensive range of servers designed with Extreme Computing in mind
    To reach the very highest levels of performance, you need hardware that’s perfectly adapted for the job. This is why Bull has built up its bullx range to cover the needs of the architectures most widely used in HPC: ultra dense “thin nodes”, “fat nodes” with a large shared memory, and accelerated hybrid blades.

  3. Support Centre offering the best combination of rigour and quality
    Our Bull Open Systems Support Centre has extensive experience in both hardware and software support, and works in close collaboration with our Extreme Computing Competence Centre based at the same location (Grenoble, France). The Centre includes dedicated Linux, Open Source and HPC support teams.

  4. Extreme Computing Competence Centre, the European leader
    The expertise of our Extreme Computing and Open Source specialists can help you choose, implement and optimize your HPC solution and infrastructure.

  5. Open, fully optimized and integrated Extreme Computing software environment
    Cluster administration from a single point of control, in an integrated environment based on Open Source and industry-standard components, fully optimized for bullx server platforms.

  6. A strong commitment to knowledge transfer and partnerships
    Bull has extensive experience in cooperative projects and knowledge transfer projects with universities and research centers. These collaborations take advantage of complementary skill sets, for the mutual benefits of both partners.

  7. Green Extreme Computing: increased energy efficiency and reduced footprint
    Bull is working on all fronts to minimize the carbon footprint of its current Extreme Computing systems and future offer: energy-efficient hardware components, reduced number of components, innovative cooling solutions, specialized energy-efficient processors, enhanced power management with economy mode, etc.

  8. Exceptional technology partnerships
    As a result of its carefully chosen partnerships, Bull is capable of offering Extreme Computing solutions that feature the very best available technologies at every level in the chain.

  9. Application partnerships
    Bull works in permanent contact with the major Extreme Computing software vendors. This in-depth technical collaboration ensures that a large portfolio of industrial applications deliver optimum performance and scalability on bullx platforms, and guarantees effective and comprehensive support.

  10. Bull has delivered several TOP500-class supercomputers
    Bull has a proven track record of designing and deploying large, complex systems for both research and industry, in Europe and around the world.

You want to discover what Bull could do for your HPC? Read our white papers, contact our experts >

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