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La Tribüll

Join the Bull tribe - LA TRIBÜLL - and boost your career!

Internal mobility, skills development through training, varied career paths, annual appraisals… the Group's employees are the very heart of Bull’s success. That’s why it provides them with a set of tools and resources to help them develop and grow.

Key job roles , career paths and annual appraisals

Key job roles

Our key job roles are focused in four main areas:

      • Systems development
      • Architecture
      • Project management
      • Consulting

When you join the Bull Group, it’s about working on major projects in diverse areas of business for major accounts in the public and private sectors.

Career paths

Joining Bull is also the opportunity to evolve. Every career path linked to our core business has been precisely defined: NICT, Business Intelligence, ERP, R&D, outsourcing, Cloud, security...
Career paths map the evolution of a job role – step by step, from beginner to advanced – at a functional, technical and managerial level.
So each of employees can identify exactly where they are on that route right now. And understand the steps they need to take, to move onto the job they ultimately want.

Annual appraisal

The annual appraisal helps to create a real dialogue between each employee and their manager. It’s an essential people development tool at Bull and aims to:
- Recognize everyone’s contribution to the Group’s achievements
- Take into account individual needs, to promote the acquisition of new skills.
And it’s a key management tool that ensures everyone’s energies are channelled together to achieve the objectives. So Bull can meet individuals’ aspiration in the context of the company’s overall development.


As recognized technological experts, we actively cultivate our expertise. To do this, we support our people in developing their skills.

The training we provide is directly linked to our key strategic business priorities:

  • Cloud computing
  • Big Data
  • M2M
  • HPC
  • Cyber-security…

Training is focused around four main groups of skills: 

  1. Technical skills: mobile computing, Cloud, security, application development, databases, Business Intelligence, Java, Linux...
  2. Functional skills: project management, sales force management, IT architecture...
  3. Underlying skills: talent management, new hires, languages, desktop skills...
  4. Sector-specific skills: markets, offerings...

Job mobility

Bull offers many career opportunities, to all its people. They drive their own mobility, and can opt to be told, in real time, about all internal vacancies that match their profile.
The Human Resources teams then act as facilitators, to help each employee make effective applications.

When you join us, you can develop your career and boost your skills within your home country or internationally, thanks to Bull’s presence in almost 50 countries!

Diversity driving performance: discover the strength of the Women@Bull network

According to Mc Kinsey, women have a positive impact on both organizational and financial performance. The three leadership behaviours seen most often in women have emerged as the most effective when it comes to meeting the challenges of the future: leading by example, developing others and intellectual stimulation.

That’s why Bull launched its internal network – Women@Bull – consisting of men and women committed to gender diversity, a clear driver of company performance.

The actions of the network are aimed at:

  • Promoting engineering and IT jobs to young women
  • Helping to hire more women at Bull (20% in 2013) and promote diversity within the Group
  • Supporting and boosting women’s careers at Bull
  • Shifting the balance of the Group’s management team: from 22% women managers in 2013 to 26% in 2015
  • Differentiate the Group and engage with our employees, customers and partners
  • Build on Bull’s CSR program to enhance our image and reputation

Contact the network: Women@bull.net

Ready for the big adventure? Come and join us!

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